Friday, October 28, 2011

A belated thank you and a blanket

A while ago I mentioned that I had won some giveaways and one hadn't arrived yet so I promised to show you when it did.  Well I finally took pictures and can now say a proper thank you to Amy from Ameroonie Designs for my awesome bat pillow!!

and all these other goodies!!

The cute spider didn't come with a deformed leg...unfortunately a certain 2 year old grabbed on and pulled :(  Poor spidey.

So thanks again Amy!!  I love everything you sent, and so do the kiddos!

In other news...

I've been doing some crocheting here and there.

I'm making a granny stripe blanket for the living room using "I love this cotton!" yarn from Hobby Lobby.  It is super soft and should be nice and warm.

My pattern is dk aqua, yellow, white, light aqua.  And  at each end will be a stripe of orangish red.

I have about 4 times as much of this to do still.  It's gonna be big!  I better hurry up and finish because it is cold outside and tomorrow we are supposed to get some snow!?!  What the what??

How's your weather?


  1. I'm jealous of your bat pillow ;) Love that you're doing some crocheting. The blanket is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. what awesome stuff you got! that pillow is sweet!
    and your blanket is AWESOME!!!! i am totally impressed! you my friend, have the patience of a jedi master.

  3. LOVE that blanket! It's going to be gorgeous!!!!! xoxo Oh, and I love all of your winnings too :)

  4. Awesome bat pillow and Halloween goodies. LUCKY!! And OMG - that blanket! I am dying over here. You can sew AND crochet!!!! I am speechless (and I'll take one in gray - LOL) ;) xo

  5. I heart the crazy leg spider :) And that blanket!!!! I wish I could crochet like that! I just started making a blanket for our room but I had to knit it because I am the worst crocheter on earth.

  6. Loving the bat pillow! Amy is freaking rad.

    I must say that seeing your yarn project actually made me want to learn to crochet...where's a good place to start? With this pregnancy I find myself on the couch with heating pads/ice packs by early afternoon every day, so this could be a good new hobby for me:)

    P.S. Still doing that not allowing me to comment under my usual thingy so I had to do the Name/URL setting. Booo!

  7. I'm glad to hear the spider's leg did not get disfigured in his cross country journey. :) And I too adore that blanket. What a yummy color scheme!

  8. wow- I LOVE your crocheting! It looks so good!

  9. Your blanket is beautiful. I wish I could crochet like that. I am still a beginner, but I recently made these spider decorations with my kids for Halloween

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