Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Queen, surgery, and a new Etsy shop.

'ello, 'ello!  Everyone enjoying watching the Olympics? I am borderline obsessed.  Okay maybe that is exaggerating. Kinda. I just love the variety of sports and the fact that it is in London makes me love it that much more. And how about the Queen? What a good sport she was...jumping out a plane and all. ;) Although during the parade of nations she seemed a bit stiff.

he he. You never cease to amuse me pinterest.

In other news, Natalie got her tonsils and adenoids out on Monday.  She did REALLY well! Slept most of day one, yesterday she was up but resting all day and even ate some noodles. Today she seems a bit more sore but still recovering well. I am just looking forward to a winter without strep!  Lily is up next for surgery, the tubes in her ears have not fallen out after 2 years so they have to remove them.  Recovery from that is much faster!

For those of you who are keeping tabs on the topics to be discussed, as mentioned in my super original post title, we are up to the last and final topic. A new Etsy shop!!  No, not mine but close.  My sister's!! She is a fantastic artist and painter.  Right now her shop is still in the beginning stages.  Not that I am an Etsy pro but I am going to help her as much as I can so you guys can also see how talented she is! So pop over to Kilora's Kreations and take a peak.  Make sure to check back often as her inventory will be increasing and different things will be tweaked. If you want, show her some love and hit that favorite button!  And if you have time, feel free to stop by my shop, I won't be mad if you buy something...just sayin' :)

I'll be back really soon to share a BIG announcement!! I'm mean BIG people! Seriously. It's huge.


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