Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feelin' the love and The Lulu Lovey

Hello!  Happy Thursday! Hope everyone's week is going well.  It has been HOT here, like don't-even-move-and-you-sweat type hot.  Still not ready for the cold weather though!  Anyhoo...thanks so much for all the sweet comments.  I feel very encouraged and loved.  So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now on to some crafts...

My oldest, Natalie, has a tag blanket that she affectionately calls "taggie".

My bff gave it to her as a gift when she was a baby.  When I was pregnant with my second, Lily, I wanted her to have her own "taggie".   I figured I was comfortable enough with a sewing machine (thanks mom!) that I could make one for her myself.  It turned out okay.  To be honest I'm surprised it is still in one piece since I broke every sewing rule!  The most important thing though is that she loves it

and I really enjoyed making it!  I started making them as gifts and everyone seemed to love them.

Fast forward to today and I am currently selling them to a local baby consignment store and they are doing really well!  I decided to call them The Lulu Lovey after one of Lily's many nicknames since she was the reason I made my first tag blanket ever.  I just recently made about 18 loveys to keep in stock.  
Here is a pic:

I love them!  I have tons of fun coming up with color combinations, sometimes I go monochromatic...

other times I like to do a rainbow...

This is the part that takes the longest thanks to that pesky perfectionist trait :-) That being said it's the part I have the most fun doing!!  Who knew there were so many cool ribbons?! 

 And thanks to this crafty lady, I now know about a whole website devoted to RIBBONS!!!  Jackpot!!!! (She also has a ton of her own great ideas...her blog is awesome, you should definitely check it out...if you haven't already!)

And let's not forget about all the cute flannel patterns that are out there!  Here are a few of my favorites:

And these I just got today!  The picture isn't that great (it was storming when i took the pic) but the bottom one is chocolate brown polka cute for a boy or girl lovey!

So this is where it all started for me...I made Lily her first lovey and have been cranking out the crafts ever since.  You could say it was my "gateway" craft! ;-)  So what got you started on your crafting journey?

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  1. Hi, Andi! I just found your blog through V&Co, and I am so excited to see that you are just starting out and I get to follow your crafting from the beginning. Good luck!

    I love the Lulu Lovey. They are very cute. Your color combinations are really nice. You inspire me... it is my dream to eventually be able to sell some of my own creations.


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