Saturday, July 24, 2010

My happy place in cyberspace

OK. *deep breath* Here. We. Go.

Can you tell I'm a little nervous? I would be lying if I said I loved writing. It's not that I hate writing, I just don't think I'm that good at it so... I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing it anyway! What I do love is sharing, talking, and connecting with people. I am just going to be me and enjoy my happy place in cyberspace. When visiting my blog I want you to feel like you've stopped by to see a friend for a cup of coffee (yum...) and a chat. :-)

So why a craft blog?

Well I started sewing this year on my late grandma G's simplicity sewing machine. I went online for sewing help and stumbled on some craft blogs which linked me to other craft blogs and so on....I was in heaven and hooked. I felt like I was finely honing in on my passion in life. After lurking for the past year, I thought why not give it a shot? It was the perfect combination of my love of crafts and connecting with people.

I say I am a Jane of all crafts because I can't get enough. I love trying new things. I have about a gazillion projects that I have started but have yet to finish. My hopes is to use this blog as my motivation to get crackin' on my to do list and to share my adventures along the way. I'm a perfectionist, which is a blessing and a curse. I can be pretty hard on myself and tend not to finish things or sometimes even start if everything isn't going just so. On the flip side when things are "just so" I put all my heart into it and am usually quite pleased with the outcome. I hope that this is a place where I can find some balance and give myself a break once and awhile. 

If anyone is actually reading this, thanks so much for coming by! Stay tuned!


  1. I like it a lot, especially your honesty...I see you have inherited one of my traits, perfection, it can be a curse or a take a lot of work to keep in balance for me. I just built a garden gate that I built to precise and now have to make adjustments... this result can be very frustrating and I keep trying to improve on it, but I tend to do it without being aware of it until it is to late..The gazillions on project you get from both of your parents, I find I get bored with one and start another to take a break from the other, back and forth..not sure if that is good or bad thing..glad to see you started your blog...I know this is a big step for you..keep taking the steps forward, even if they are small ones at a time...

  2. Thanks anonymous ;-) Thanks for leaving my first comment! It is a big step but I'm excited and think I need to do this. Luv ya!

  3. Can't wait to read about your crafting adventures. I was thoroughly impressed with everything you made Ella for her birthday.

    Craft on!

    - Jess

  4. Your first blog, and my first time reading one of these. What a great application of the medium. I hope it brings you great joy, insights and motivation. My two cents: Don't be too much of a perfectionist. Finish those projects. They are obviously labors of love, people will love them, and you will learn from each of them, only to do better with the next.

    Now, about that cup of coffee...

  5. Dad told me about your blog and I do think that it is a wonderful way for you to express yourself. And yes, trying to make everything to perfection is a trait you get from both of us. Which is ok. You make beautiful things and I love seeing what you are doing. I am so proud of have become you!!! luv ya!!!!


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