Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Style

Hopefully you guys aren't tired of my birthday crafts because I'm gonna show you another.

The tutu I made in this post is actually for Lily to wear to her party.
The party that is only 9 days away!
The party where family I haven't seen in years are coming!  eek!! :-)
The party where we celebrate my baby turning ONE, *sniff*.
Where did this last year go?

Okay *composes self* back to the crafting!

To go along with said tutu I decorated a onsie...

I bought a stencil at the craft store for a couple bucks and the "Lil' Cupcake" was done using freezer paper stenciling.

I also made a birthday crown...

I'm kinda obsessed with felt at the mo'.  Instead of using regular elastic I decided to cut up one of those stay put headbands.  I had one that was nice and wide AND pink!  I figured this way I have more of a chance for it to stay on long enough for some good pictures before Lily can pull it off.

(phew!!! That was one major run on sentence! Made me think of Ace Ventura 2 when he says everything all in one breath...such a funny movie!)

Here is the side view...

And here is the back...

So if you put all three together you have one stinkin' cute first birthday outfit!!!

Can't wait to see our Lil' cupcake in this!

Don't wait for a birthday party as an excuse to make these!
The onsie is good for any time of the year and the crown has so many possibilities!

What little boy or girl wouldn't love to have their own crown and pretend to be royalty?

Here are the parties I'm linking up to today:



  1. Lily will look adorable. Love the crown. Did you stencil the "1" on it?

  2. andy that is so cute- all of it!!! i can't wait to see party pics. i am sure you are going to be decorating super cute, you're so crafty and creative!

  3. So sweet! I love to see things people have sewn, mostly cause I'm not very good at it. It really is darling!


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