Monday, November 1, 2010

A Fish and a Ballerina

Hello everyone!  How was your Halloween?  Great I hope!  We had a fun time here.  Natalie has been looking at her candy all morning and still is as I type.  She has been going around the living room playing "trick or treat". :-)  I'm pretty excited about the candy too.  Especially this one:

Now my absolute favorite is Mounds because I love dark chocolate but beggars can't be choosers.  So this is a very nice substitute.  

On a side note:  I find that coconut falls under what I call "the Prince factor".  When it comes to Prince I can honestly say I have never met anyone who says "He's okay."  Everyone I've ever talked to about Prince always has strong feelings one way or the other.  They either LOVE him or hate him, his music etc.  Coconut is the same way.  Am I right?  For the record I am a "Love him" when it comes to Prince.  Don't hate. :-)

Okay back to our Halloween fun.  Natalie started dance and gymnastics this year so she decided she wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween.  It was an easy costume because all I had to make was her tutu.  I made it the same way I made Lily's for her 1st birthday.

I added a sweatshirt to her costume because it was pretty chilly here.

This is what Natalie did when I asked for some ballet moves.


And here is the side view.  She just loves making goofy faces!

Lily's costume was store bought.  We bought it on clearance when she was a few months old because we thought it would be so cute and we were right!  She was a big hit around our neighborhood.  

Sorry about the blurry pics.  The pictures just don't do the costume justice.  Fingers crossed Santa brings me an awesome camera for Christmas.  :-) Hint. Hint. Honey.

On Friday we went to Natalie's school for the "Fall Festival"  It was lots of fun.  She had a blast. They split all the kids in groups and we went around to different activity stations.  

The first was Pin the nose on the Jack o' Lantern.  After they finished an activity they got a sticker.

There were stations where the kids got to explore the five senses.  They tried pumpkin pie, played with corn kernels while hunting for pumpkins and gourds, guessed different smells, and listened to the sounds of Fall.  There was also a moon bounce station.  FUN!!  This is one that I wish I could have joined in on!

She is hard to see in this picture but I thought it turned out cool.  Another station was making a Fall craft.  The kids made Scarecrows. 

Here's Natalie's:

When they were done with all the activities they went back to their classrooms for cookies and juice and of course candy!

All in all we had a very successful Halloween weekend.  I, ahem I mean, the girls got lots of candy, and we all had lots of fun!!!  Next year I am going to try my hand at making their costumes.  I better get started now! 


  1. aw thay look so cute, andi! looks like you guys had a fun time!

  2. So cute! Love Nemo!!

    p.s. - you can keep your coconut and Prince too. No middle of the road here. Yuck. ;)


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