Friday, November 5, 2010

Get ready for some Christmas crafting fun and inspiration!

Since starting this blog I have met so many awesome women, one of them being Gwen from Gwenny Penny.  When my blog was brand spankin' new Gwen sent me a super sweet email telling me that I inspired her.  So sweet right?  We soon became friends and have found that we are a lot alike, including our love of goats :-)  She had been on the fence about starting a blog and I encouraged her to just go for it.  

Well after 143 followers later and counting, she inspires me!  

She is super talented... 

She has such amazing, original craft ideas... 

Go check her out, you won't be disappointed!!

I'm excited to announce that Gwen is hosting a Christmas crafting event called
Haul Out the Holly from November 29th to December 10th and she has invited me to be one of the guest bloggers!  IKR!  I feel so honored to be among such awesomely talented bloggers.  Click here to see a list of everyone participating and also grab a button to help spread the word.  Each guest blogger will be sharing an original Christmas craft tutorial.  That's 12 handmade gifts that you can make for all your friends and family! 

Haul out the Holly,Gwenny Penny,Christmas craft tutorials

 Don't forget to mark you's going to be a fun and very inspiring 12 days!

P.S. My blog button is back up...grab it too if you'd like ;-)


  1. You are way too sweet! Thanks for the kind words, Andi. And thanks for spreading the word about Haul Out the Holly. It's going to be a blast!

    P.S. Love the new blog button:)


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