Monday, November 15, 2010

I have S.T.M.P...

Starting Too Many's a disorder I swear. ;-)

Why else would I have about a gazillion projects scattered throughout my house that are about 90% done?

They are driving me crazy!

I have a patience problem.
I have a procrastination problem.
Sounds like an oxymoron...or just a moron (haha) but I'm impatient about starting said project and then I "just have to" go get the supplies ASAP only to have them sit (sometimes still in the bag).  Or I actually start said project only to stop for some lame reason or another.  Sleep, food, adult responsibilities, blah, blah, blah.

But seriously I'm overwhelmed and it's my fault.  I know that I should be working on Thanksgiving decorations like my pilgrims cuz I'm sure that's what everyone wants to see (since it's ONLY 10 days away!!!!) but I will feel better if I can finish some of these projects that literally have one or two steps left.  Ridiculous I know (the run on sentence was a little crazy too).  I can hear you guys now, " One or two steps?  Why didn't she just finish?"  Well I could sit here and make a good case for myself talking about being a perfectionist and how it's a blessing and a curse etc. etc. but instead I will just show you a project that had one step left and sat for weeks.

Here it is finally hung up in my entryway:

I made the picture months ago and then I framed it only to have the glass break before I could take pictures.  Then I got a new frame.  And that sat for a couple of weeks.  And then I finally put the picture in the frame only to sit another week or so before I hung it up.  And these are the days of my life...

I saw the idea over at Under the table and Dreaming.  The typography photos are from Leo Reynolds' photostream.  He has posted thousands of pictures of letters, numbers, symbols, etc.  And that's not even the best part, he has been generous enough to allow us (that's you and me :-)) to use them with little restrictions!!

I spent HOURS (okay like 1 hour) on Flickr looking through his photos.  Finding the letters and numbers I liked was pretty easy.  I didn't want a monochrome look so I made sure I picked some pictures that had a pop of color.  I wanted EST. to be on one line so I found a shamrock and a heart to fill the spaces after our last name.  My husband's ancestors were Irish so I thought a shamrock would be appropriate as he is very proud of his heritage.  And a heart well because we lurve eachother...awww!

Once I downloaded all the pictures I liked (FYI you need a Flickr account to download photos),  I made a collage on Picnik and then printed it on photo paper.  

My frame is 20' by 20' and the mat opening is 11' by 11' (I think) so my picture was quite a bit smaller then the opening.  I fixed this by backing my picture with some pretty scrapbook paper.

The most expensive part of this project was the frame!

Head on over to Flickr and check out Leo Reynolds' photos and make one for yourself or for an anniversary gift.
You could use the same idea but make it into invitations for an anniversary party or even a vow renewal.  This would also be a cool way to make a welcome sign or some artwork with just numbers or symbols.

There are so many possibilities!

But for now I am happy to get this one checked off my to do list.  :-)


  1. I think that I totally suffer from this syndrome! Thanks for bring it into the light!

    love your guts

  2. i have recently been diagnosed as well, but it's still hard for me to talk about...
    your artwork looks fabulous! love all the different letters- glad it's finished!

  3. You are not alone in your disorder. I wonder if there's a support group for us all.


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