Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lots to be thankful for...

I'm a little late getting this post up due to my youngest being sick and having a febrile seizure on Thursday and scaring the bajeezies out of my hubby and I. 

I have never been so terrified.  

We are just so thankful that is was not more serious and that she is going to be okay.  

Now that things have settled down a bit I feel like I can put a little more focus on my blog and get back to my long list of projects.  

My first priority it to say a huge thank you to Suzy @ Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom .  She was so kind to feature my blog on Thursday.  I am beyond flattered.  I am always blown away when someone wants to feature one of my projects let alone my whole blog!!  

Thanks again Suzy!  


  1. yikes, glad to hear she is ok. thanks again for following. we missed you last night...i was almost sure you were going to make it!

  2. OMG - I'm sure that must have been so scary! I'm glad she is OK!! And congrats on the feature! Awesome!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Andi... glad she's OK. My mother-in-law always talks about febrile seizures because my husband used to get them when he was little. It must have been terrifying. Can't even imagine...


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