Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick Christmas decor

Other then my pilgrims and some pumpkins and mums outside....I haven't done much Fall decorating. Like I said in this post I have umpteen million projects going on.  And even though I wanted to do more  decorating I had to prioritize and other things were at the top of the list.  I have been busy working on my quilt (progress post this week!) and my tutorial for Haul Out the Holly.  I have also been planning Natalie's 5th birthday party, working on hallway decorations for Natalie's preschool, and decided that I should make this as well!  Ambitious or stupid?  I'm still on the fence. :-)  And I don't even want to think about all the homemade Christmas gifts waiting in the wings!

I have had a very productive last two days.  I made some huge progress on my quilt...which is turning out great so far I am happy to report!  I also got some domestic type stuff taken care of, you know...laundry, bathrooms, dishes, etc.  And I also finally answered some emails, responded to some comments, and caught up on some blog reading.  And now I feel not only less overwhelmed but even more motivated to finish those projects AND I was even inspired to make a couple quick Christmas decorations!

Remember this post about my rub on Halloween subway art?  Well I mentioned there that I found the rub ons at the Target dollar spot.  At our Target right now they have put out all the Christmas dollar goodies and of course I had to see what they had!

Well no rub ons but they had some cute paper...

and theses foam candy canes...

I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I knew I had to have them!

Well today I came up with this...

Super cute, super quick, and super easy!  Cut paper, stick on candy cane, put in frame. DONE.

I also had the little black frame that I used for another one of my Halloween decorations using the same rub ons.

Here's what it looked like then:

And here is what it looks like now:

I just used some white felt for the background and cut out some holly leaves out of dark green felt and then hand stitched  on the holly and 3 red buttons with some embroidery floss.  And that's it!

I love how something as simple as felt and some buttons can make such a pretty and unique Christmas decoration!  If I have time I want to make some more of these using other Christmas icons.

Well I'm off to work on my quilt!  We'll talk soon.

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  1. the little candy cane is so darn cute! love what you did with it!

  2. I love the holly berry buttons!! So simple but so cute!

  3. Love the candy cane, and love that little frame! Did you paint the frame, or did you buy it like that? Love the striped background against the candy cane, too.

  4. very cute! i think i know what im going to do with all my empty pic frames that are sitting out ;-) i love that you just took out the halloween stuff and put in xmas. great for those of us who are trying to pair down!

  5. This is an AMAZING idea! I saw those two items just yesterday and thought "What can I do with this magic?!?" Thanks for sharing!


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