Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage fabric pillows

Vintage sheets.  Love. 

Patchwork pillows.  Love.

Vintage sheets made into patchwork pillows.  Head over heels in love.

These were super quick and easy to make.  They are both envelope style pillows just like my Janey bird pillow.  I cut the strips from fat quarters of vintage sheets that I purchased on Etsy.  The pillow forms are from Ikea and were just under $3 each!  And they look awesome on my $10 chair!

please excuse my lame picture...

I am so happy with the results and can't wait to make more!

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  1. Wow, those sheets are beautiful, and make even more beautiful pillows! Congrats and well done! :)

  2. These pillows are so pretty. My 5 year old daughter plopped down beside me as I was reading this post and said, "Mom you should make me one of those pretty pillows." :) They look super comfortable too.

  3. so fun and colorful!!! thanks again for coming to the market yesterday! :)

  4. These are beautiful, Andi! I LOVE the first one. They look super soft.

  5. Love them! I am constantly on the lookout for vintage fabrics.

  6. Hey, found you through Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom. These are cute! Larissa at Reef Botanicals

  7. These are great! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!

  8. Andi, I love both of these. The fabrics are so light and yummy! And the patchwork designs are so perfect for showing off the fabrics. Thanks for linking up to POV!


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