Monday, November 29, 2010

What I've been up to...

Okay so I said last week I would post an update on my quilt along progress but I didn't.  Sorry.  I got behind on my quilt (and blogging) but I'm all caught up now (at least on my quilt!).  But before I show you how my quilt looks I thought I'd show you what I have been up to.

I'm in charge of the hallway decorations at Natalie's school.  Each season I come up with a new theme using four different things to represent each of the classrooms and the children in them.

Here's what the four different things are this season:

This log cabin will have hot chocolate mugs all around it with the kids' names on it.  I love how it turned out.  I used transparency film for the windows.  I've been doing this for 2 years and this might be my favorite so far.

This sled will have different colored mittens around it.  How cool is that mirrored poster board.  I ♥ Hobby Lobby!

This tree will have cardinals on and around it.  Am I the only one that when they think of cardinals they think of snow and winter? 

And finally this snowman will have snowflakes around it.

Everything will be glitter-ized and there will be a cute saying like, "We are having 'snow' much fun this winter and all year long at RSA!"

There have been a lot of late nights eating way too many of these...

While everyone else was doing this...

I have also been busy with my Haul Out the Holly craft and tutorial but I can't show you that...not yet anyway. Btw Haul out the Holly started today and the craft is by Gwen herself and it is way cool!  Check back there each day for the next 11 days for awesome Christmas craft tutorials,
including mine ;-)!

Okay time to show you my quilt along progress.  I'm pretty pleased with myself.  I LOVE this quilt.  Not only do I love the design and fabric but making it has been more fun then I thought it would be.

Here are the blocks before I made them wonky...

Here they are with some square, some tilting up, and some tilting down...

 Here are my rows...

And here are some pics of my completed quilt top...

Here's a close up...

LOVE IT!  LOVE IT!  LOVE IT!!!!!  Next is basting.  I have to go pick up my supplies tomorrow.  I was thinking of an aqua color for the backing.  Should I go solid or patterned?  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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  1. i think i would pull one of the fabrics from the front for the backing- like that yellow print, or the very pale aqua. it's gorgeous! quilting is hard, basting the hardest! i have made 2 quilts in my life, and most likely i will probably only make 2 quilts my whole life.

  2. I love what you're doing for the hallway decorations. Very cute! Also, the quilt is so pretty. I need your advice on a sewing machine. What kind do you use? I've been looking on I want a good machine but nothing too fancy since I'm still learning. You do such a great job sewing. I'm impressed!

  3. LOVE the hallway decorations. That log cabin is adorable! Nice work!

    Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the gray. You'd never know this was your first quilt. Isn't it super satisfying to have the entire quilt top finished? I think I agree with Cassie... I think the yellow might be perfect for the back. I think I'd go with a small print.

  4. Those hallway decorations are so gorgeous! Wow!

    And your quilt is coming together beautifully. I think your backing depends on what kind of quilting you want to do - if you're going to do a meandering stipple, choose something bold. If you're going to straight-line quilt it, choose a solid or a small print. And I think the very pale aqua would be very pretty. Then again, aqua is practically my favorite color, so perhaps I'm a bit biased... :) Happy Fabric Tuesday!

  5. You seem like an unbelieveably busy lady! Really like your snowy idea for the hallway and your quilt is beautiful too. Grey is my favourite colour at the moment, teamed up with yellow, they look so cool together, very retro. (By the way, the blog background you use is the same as mine! Cool.

  6. Wow your a busy girl. Love your hallway decorations very creative. Great job on your quilt a long. Love the grey fabric, it makes the quilt. I would pull one of the farics from the front for the backing, maybe the aqua or yellow dots....

  7. I love that quilt top! (I'd go with a patterned backing. And I love the idea of an aqua color.)

    The paper crafts are adorable too. Great ideas! :)

  8. So pretty. I love the grey. Aqua will look great on the back...I'd say go solid, but use a patterned binding :-) Nice work!

  9. Your hallway decor is so cute! And your right, I am really liking how your quilt along quilt looks! The colors are so cool together. I am a little more crazy in my quilting, so I say go for a small bit of pattern for the backing. And aqua sounds really nice!

  10. Looks great! I'm in the QAL too! If it's your first quilt, I'd use a "busy" print on the back to "hide" the stitches. I've quilted several quilts, and still try to use busy prints on the back. But in reality, I usually go through my stash, and use what I have. Or find some clearance fabric that'll co-ordinate. Good luck! And it looks like you'd make a great applique quilter!

  11. Mighty impressive for a first quilt! I don't show mine! Of course, my granddaughter has loved it to death anyway, so I can always blame it on that.

    Saw your link on Fabric Tuesday.

  12. The quilt top is awesome!

    I'd probably go for a patterned back...which could be aqua if you like!

  13. congrats! The quilt top looks great!


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