Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blog makeover...opinions wanted.

Hello!  So I feel so yucky that I can't sleep so I decided to make over my blog.

{What was I thinking?}

And I wanted you to let me know your honest opinions.  I put a poll on the side bar to make it easy for you but if you prefer leaving a comment, that's fine too.  It's almost 1:30 in the AM so I'm not sure how great my artistic eye is at this time.  I'll probably have design remorse in the morning, after lots of coffee of course!  So hit me with your thoughts...good, bad, BUT not ugly because well that's just mean.  Oh and keep in mind I plan on designing some cuter gadget headers and a new blog button.  Hopefully my coffee will be tear free in the morn.  Night all!

*EDIT* I changed the yellow text on the sidebar because I agreed with the comments that it was hard to  read.  Keep the opinions coming!


  1. Really honest opinion..remember only my opinion..so not that important! Not keen on yellow writing..too hard to see..and too much yellow in the header. I would use the deeper turquoise of the side in place of the yellow...keep the grey...put your name in crimson or perhaps black...even the white may still work?...what do you think??

  2. I agree with Carol that the yellow writing in the sidebar is too difficult to read, but I like the header and the background.

  3. i votedyes- i like the new header and the colors are more you.... they remind me of the wuilt you just made. the yellow writing is harder to read, but you can change that to charcoal like in the header frame.

  4. Makes all the difference being able to read the headings clearly...defines the space better..looks good now.


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