Sunday, December 5, 2010

Opinions, please!

I finally picked out a fabric to back my quilt!!  I really like it but I was curious to see what you guys thought. Ready?  Here it is...

First off...not the best picture, I used my flash because it was already dark outside and the pictures with our overhead light makes the fabric look muted (see below).

I love the polka dot flower pattern.  It has an aqua background with bright yellow, hot pink, red, and orange flowers.  I think it compliments it wonderfully but now I'm not sure what I will use to bind the whole thing.

Here's a picture without the

Here are two pictures with it next to the quilt.

Well? Whatcha think?


  1. i would stick to a solid color myself. even though its on the back, i think it takes away from all the other fabrics you picked for your squares. but thats just me! p.s., i love the quilt = )

  2. i agree with emily that it is too much and takes away from the quilt itself. i love the idea of pulling one of the more basic fabrics from the quilt and using that... something softer, like that yellow print of the white with light polka dots. i love teh quilt as well and am amazed!

  3. I love it! You should definitely go with it.

  4. I think the circles are a fun play on the squares and aqua is definitely the right color!!


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