Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21 Day Challenge-Day 7 {the pantry}

Hi there!  I'm a tad behind on the challenge.  I haven't stopped purging and organizing just haven't stopped to post about it.  In fact I have been on a roll and have put a ton of crap stuff in the "to donate" pile(s).  I am amazed how every single year I have tons of stuff to donate.  Where does it come from?  Boggles the mind.

I'm going to skip ahead to Day 7's challenge because I haven't done Day 6 {dresser drawers}yet.  I plan on doing some rearranging so I have put it off.  I might be getting a new dresser for the girls room and move their old one into our room.  I figure that would be the best time to purge and organize.

Okay Day's 7 challenge was to organize the pantry.  Well the same day that I organized my baking cabinet I kind of reorganized and purge almost the entire kitchen.

First up is the drawer next to the junk drawer.  I keep our phone chargers, ipods, and some basic tools in this drawer.  I am also keeping Natalie's candy from Santa in here for now.  It's the only candy in the house :-) Notice the pretty contact paper?  Toni who is hosting this challenge used it in her cabinets and I was in love so I picked some up!  I put some in our kitchen drawers (all 4 of them) and under the sink.

Here is the cabinet above our coffee pot.  Coffee and tea stuff is kept here.  This is also where we keep our medicine.  The bottom shelf is for the more frequent stuff and the bin way up top if for medicine that we need but usually only when someone is sick.

The next cabinet over is above the stove.  I keep my candles on top along with our plastic pitcher, which come summer will be in the fridge filled with sun tea.  Yummy!  And on the bottom is some of Natalie's art supplies.  The rest are kept in the play area.

Next up is the spice cabinet.  It's right next to the stove.  All spices, sauces, oils,  breadcrumbs etc are kept here.  Although the top shelf holds pet supplies.  They were in the pantry but they were taking up valuable real estate.  And since we only use the contents a couple of times a month I thought they could be put high up. (Caution-blurry photo)

Next is our cabinet that holds all our dishes.  The pink and white cups are from ikea.  Love them!  The pink ones are Natalie's.  I keep her bendy straws on the same shelf in a glass vase I got at the dollar store.

And lastly I will show you my pantry.  It's soooo tiny.  I added an extra shelf on top and the shelves on the door.  I plan on getting some foam core and covering it with more contact paper to make the shelves sturdier and prettier. :-)

The white container holds little individual snacks and popcorn.  Makes it easy to grab n go.

So there you have it.  No before pics but lots of afters! 


  1. Wow, you are on a roll! That's the great thing about organizing... Once you get going it's a bit addicting:) Everything looks great!

  2. It looks great! LOVE the green paper!!! =)

    I'm so glad you found me! Your blog is so cute and colorful -- I cant wait to keep reading! Sorry for driving you to snack. Haha I promise only half my posts are food related!

    Have a fabulous night!
    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. please do not open any of my cabinets when you are here next friday. i will be mortified.

  4. Oooh, it looks great! I'm doing a Kick the Clutter on my blog, but I'm not putting myself in a time crunch. I probably should have though. ha ha

    I've been working on my kitchen this week and have one more cabinet to do. yipee!!

  5. very well done, looks very managable!
    im following you now!

  6. It looks really good! I have a really small pantry and wouldn't have thought to put the baskets on the door! Thanks!

  7. Your pictures are making me realize what a cluttered mess I am in the middle of. Must start! ☺

  8. very well done, love the green pater..


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