Monday, January 31, 2011

21 Day Challenge Recap

So the other day I showed you a list of what I had accomplished for the 21 day getting organized challenge.  I have only blogged about nine of the challenges.  To save you from utter boredom I thought I would show you the highlights of my results instead of 12 individual posts.  Besides you've seen one freezer you've seen them all.

The biggest task for me was toy organization.  Our playroom was organized but after the Christmas toy explosion there was no extra room to store them.  So I sat down with Natalie and we went through every single toy.  It was tough...for me not her.  The baby toys were the hardest.  I feel a CATS song coming on...."me-e-e-emories! All alone in the moonlight..." (imagine hearing my beautiful singing voice *cough* *cough*) The kiddos just grow up way too fast!  But I knew it was what we had to do.  And it teaches Natalie a great lesson.  She was so happy to give her toys to other kids who were less fortunate.

So I was a bad blogger and didn't take a before picture...I took a 'in the process' picture instead.

This is what it looked like after every single toy in our house was gone through and then remaining were put down here.

Then I reorganized it a little bit more and even got all of the board games in there too!  :-)  I moved the table to the center to make room for the dream house (it used to be under those white shelves) and the girls seem to use it more now that it is away from the wall.  This is how it looks now:

I can't believe how many toys we still have!!  It still feels super cluttered to me, but at least all of the toys are down here.  

We have a corner computer desk in here as well with two shelving units.  I cleaned it up and got rid of a ton o' stuff which made room for the games.

Nope that is not a small child squished between the shelf and the dreamhouse.  It's just Rapunzel. *shivers*

I tried to group like toys together in clear bins.  I have plans to label them with pictures of the contents but you know my track record.

Some of the cubbies don't have bins like our music cubby:

So that is our newly re-organized playroom.  The girls lurve it!

Okay here are a couple before and afters...

I skipped over the dresser challenge on day 6 because I told you guys I might be getting a new dresser for the girls room and thought it would make sense to purge and organize then. Well I got the dresser!  Thanks Cassie! Not much organizing needed to be done.  I just went through their clothes and got rid of any that no longer fit.

The ikea dresser went into the closet for Natalie's clothes.  And I used bins to contain diapers and wipes.

A lot of the challenges were places in my home that were already organized and just needed some tweaking.  So no big dramatic change but lots of purging, which always feels good.  Here's some pics.

Under the bathroom sink.  My side and the hubby's side.

My spice cabinet.  Lazy susans, one for spices I use almost every day and one for the others.

Our medicine and vitamin storage.  These are all our meds that we don't use everyday.  They are kept up high in the kitchen.

Here are our vitamins and medications that we use more often.

Are you still there?  Phew!  That was a long post.  There is a ton more pictures of stuff I've done to tame the clutter but I think I will call it a day.


  1. it's looking good, andi! and my, what a beautiful princess dresser! ;) and who is that scary blonde chick in your photo... he he!
    we have those gummy vitamins, too, the suerphero version, and i take them because they taste like candy even though they are supposed to be for my kids.

  2. Well done! I started the challenge but never finished... yet! I am going to try for it during February instead. :)

  3. Looks fantastic, Andi! Seeing all of your organized areas makes me wish I had at least made some attempt to get organized with the new year:)


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