Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fifteen fascinating facts.

Okay so I was really just having fun with alliteration.  There will be 15 facts but whether or not they are fascinating is up to you.  Lu form Just Lu shared her 15 here.  She was tagged and as the rules state she was to tag 5 bloggers.  I so happen to be one of those bloggers.  :-)  So thanks Lu.  Now I can post random facts about me without looking like a weirdo.  Okay maybe not...but at least I have an excuse now.

1.  From age 9 to age 13 I lived in England.  I went to British schools and even developed an accent.  It's long gone now.  Although I still tend to end sentences with prepositions, i.e. "Are you coming with?"  I love malt vinegar on my french fries to this day.  A lot of my best memories are from my time in England.  I miss it very, very much.  I hope to get back someday and eat lots of monster munch. Yum!

2.  I can't eat while watching any type of nature program, but mostly the insect ones.  Totally ruins my appetite.

3.  I loathe Palmetto bugs/cockroaches et al.  I just shivered typing that.  I lived in South Carolina from 8th grade until I got married and they have these cockroach like bugs that fly!!  We had a huge wood pile in our back yard where they lived and when it rained (which was every afternoon in the south) they would take cover in our house.  I had one crawl on me when I was sleeping and then fly off somewhere in my room never to be discovered.  I had many of them crawl on my hand when I was getting the dogs food.  My sister had one fly in her hair.  But that memory just makes me laugh. hehe!  Once the wood pile was gone so were the bugs.  But I will never get over it.  I am scarred for life.  I just tried to find pictures of a palmetto bug for your viewing pleasure but about had a conniption just looking at the first picture.  And now I feel all itchy.

4.  I have an associates in Veterinary technology and have been a licensed technician for 10 years.  I got a little burned out before having Lily but I have been missing it a little lately.  As squeamish as I am about nature programs and bugs, some of my favorite things about my job was surgery, placing iv catheters, and drawing blood.

5.  I have driven across the US 4 times.  Once when I was a kid the other three since I have been married.  And one of those times was in a Mazda B2200 pickup (affectionately named Chuck the truck) with 2 dogs, a cat, me, and the hubby all in the teeny tiny cab!

6.  I big fat love Mexican food.  The real stuff.  Although I will gladly stuff my face with taco bell when the going gets tough.

7.  I know A LOT of songs.  Pretty much any song that comes on the radio I can sing, especially from the 90s and back.  I usually know what it is after a few notes.  Just don't ask me who sings it or what it is called.  I even know quite a bit of rap, like Tupac, Notorious BIG, Bone, etc.  Ikr!  What can I say.  I was a teenager in the 90s.

8.  Speaking of songs...I love love love the song Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.  So much so that I have told my loved ones that I want it played at my funeral. Morbid? Maybe, but it is a song that always makes me feel better, no matter what.  When Natalie was first born and it was just her and I in the hospital, she was crying and for the life of me i couldn't remember any lullabies so I sang karma chameleon.  She calmed right down. :-)

9.  I love to dance.  The older I get the less I care how I look.  Dancing always makes me happy.  I secretly wish my mom had forced me to take classes when I was little then maybe I would be on So You Think You Can Dance hopefully hopping on the hot tamale train!  Whooooo!

10.  I had a rat tail when I was 12.  It was just a piece of hair that was a few inches longer then my shoulder length hair and it was braided.  All the British kids thought I was a cool American with my rat tail just like NKOTB.  Back in the states, not so much.

11. I cut off my rat tail when I was 13.

12.  Taking from Lu's list.  I have never broken a bone.  Jammed my fingers and toes, fractured growth plates but never broke an actual bone.

13.  I have played soccer since I was 7.  I played varsity all 4 years of high school.  Then I played for a year in college where we were conference champs.  I haven't played competitively since then and I really miss it.  Thinking about joining a league for fun this year.

14. I have never seen the Godfather movies or Scarface.  This fact always produces looks of disbelief.  Like I am from another planet.  Not a huge mob movie fan.  There I said it.

15.  I am a people pleaser to a fault.  I'm a work in progress.  I hope everyone likes my list.

That was fun!!  Now here are the bloggers I'm tagging.  

Please don't feel obligated but's lots of fun!!


  1. That actually was a fascinating list of stuff about you...dancing rapper Andi! lol

  2. wow u lived in England can i ask where i have lived in the usa for 6 years now and love it but i miss england (eastbourne) a lot and we have malt vinegar on tap at all times

  3. #7, #9, #11: We are the same person. #6 made me laugh out loud, #5 made me slightly nauseated (I get terrible motion sickness, and thought of being in a car that long makes me a little queasy, and I cringed at #3. I live in Connecticut, but after Katrina hit, we volunteered to demo houses in Biloxi for a week. Flying cockroaches everywhere. I wanted to die. :)

  4. you have lived a full life, and we have a lot in common- dancing, hating roaches (i don't like any "crunchy" bugs), never seen scarface or fully watched any godfather movie, knowing an eerie amount of songs, and i love karma chameleon, too and use it in my spin class sometimes! much to the chagrin of the class. but at least i am happy.

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