Saturday, January 15, 2011

I really, really, really want to reply to your comments!!!

Okay so this is something that I've been wanting to post about for awhile.
I love, love, love and appreciate all your comments and because of that I make it a point to reply back (via email), even if it's just a quick "Thanks!"  But a lot of times after answering a question or writing an awesomely witty reply ;-), I hit send and realize the address was so and so noreply-comment@ blogger.  Things that make you go "Grrr... "  Then I feel bad for not answering that question or worse letting that awesome wit go out into cyberspace for no one to enjoy.  haha!  And believe me I know how much time it takes to comment and also how nice it is when the blogger responds back.

So what is a girl to do?  Well I happened upon an awesome tutorial on how you guys can fix it so that when I reply to your comments your email will be attached to your profile.

And then we can chat!!!

Shelley from House of Smiths was very sweet and had no problem with me reposting her tutorial,
so here you go:

ME Replying to YOUR Comments:
How to make sure I can send you BACK some LOVE!!!

Okay, I have been meaning to post this for EVER, and tonight is the night, because I'm OVER it!
I want to CHAT with you ladies, and reply to your fun comments, but I can't!
I moderate all my comments, and when they come to my inbox I push "reply" on them to comment back, and if you don't have your email address registered properly in blogger... then I just get this!

Want to know how to guarantee a reply from me for EVERY comment you leave?
Follow these easy steps!

First... go to your blogger dashboard,
like so, and click on "edit profile"

Then all you have to do is make sure that this little box,
that says "show my email address" is checked...

Then scroll down and press "save profile'

And that's it!!!!
You're done!  Now when you take your time to leave a comment, you can KNOW that I will respond!
This would make my day if you all did this :)
Comments are fabulous, but if I can't actually 'converse' with my amazing readers, then what's the point, eh?
Please take a minute to do this tonight!  It's SO easy!
Can't wait to talk with more of you soon!

Thanks so much Shelley!  Can't wait to talk to you ladies!


  1. I think I actually did this last night AFTER I commented on your blog. But I'm sending out another comment to make sure it works!


Connecting with people is one reason I love blogging. So bring on the comments and questions, they make my day! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and say "hello!"

I love to reply to all comments so if your email is not linked to your profile I send my comment to this noreply guy. And that makes us both sad. Thanks!


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