Sunday, January 16, 2011

My happy {label} accident?

Hello there!  Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.  I have gotten so much accomplished.  Made a trip to the container store, got a lot checked off of my to do list, and enjoyed some football!!  And tomorrow I may be making a trip to Ikea :-)  

I don't know about you guys but I am really good at getting the big to do's crossed off my list but the little detail stuff I tend to put off and off and get the picture.  I pretty much reorganized my entire kitchen in one day.  Some things were put into bins and baskets.  Did I label them that day?  No.  Or the next? Nope.  The day after that? Sadly no.   Well today I finally started labeling.  I had already printed out these awesome labels, courtesy of Kim @ It's a Crafty Life.  I thought that laminating them would be ideal because they would last longer and I would use velcro dots to attach them.

My intentions were to use my p-touch and print out the words, stick them on the labels, and then laminate them.  But instead I did this:

I laminated the things without putting on the words!  Grrr....So instead of starting over I thought why not use them as mini dry erase boards?  That way if I ever change things up I can just erase and rewrite.
In comes the happy accident part...

 Lily thought she would test out the durability of the labels for me, as well as waterproofness (note the drop of drool).  So I'm not sure how long these labels will actually stay labeled but for now, they will do.

And btw...definitely have not labeled any other baskets or bins ;-) geesh...


  1. I think that is a happy accident indeed, the labels will last longer and you can have a bit of fun with them if you want to..hehe! I am making and collecting cushions(pillows) for flood victims if you want to make any and join in...just see my post today...have a lovely holiday.

  2. He he he. Had to LOL at the laminating without labeling. :) Great recovery though!

  3. Labels make me happy =) These are super cute! and drool tested too? well thats just spiffy! bahaha!

    Ohmygosh it will take me forev to explain the wonderfulness that was my whole foods and trader joes-a-thon! I'm going to make you wait until I'm SUPER chatty for that one =)

    I wish I knew the wall color! The house my hubs and I are renting came with pretty random colored walls -- the bathroom color is by far my favorite... i'll pick up some paint swatches to see what it matches b/c I want to paint my next bathroom this color too!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate it! :-) I'm glad you are getting some use out of them, and such a good idea to laminate!

  5. They look great, very neat and organized. Fyi--they make a wet erase marker that stays on a little longer than the dry erase marker--the writing won't budge as quickly! :)

  6. nice andi! im gonna have to steal that for my panrty....whenever the man gets here to build it!!

  7. that is a happy accident! i love them this way! actually when i started reading i thought, oh, she could laminate and use as dry erase... literally i was thinking that! and then you go and do it- woo hoo!

  8. Those are cute labels. Lucky accident for you. That will be great... you can change the labels easily when you reorganize NEXT January:)

  9. I make laminated visual supports for kids/families as part of my job, and agree that laminating first makes them more versatile!


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