Thursday, January 6, 2011

21 Day Challenge-Day 4 {the linen closet}

So I am on a roll when it comes to organizing.  Although I am not when it comes to posting about it, I'm a day behind!!

I have actually gone above and beyond what Toni has asked because so far a lot of the challenges are places that are already organized.  For example yesterday's challenge was the linen closet.  Well in our home we don't actually have a "linen closet" instead we have this:

Yep our washer and dryer are upstairs with the bedrooms.  It's actually quite convenient except when it's naptime. ;-)  Please ignore my huge pile of dry cleaning.

We actually have very little closet space in this house.  Our pantry and coat closet aren't even big enough to be categorized as closets in my opinion.  A hole in the wall seems more appropriate.  But I digress...back to the "linen closet".  This space is pretty much organized as best as I can get it.  The only linens that I actually store here are our towels because there is no room in our bathroom.  All our sheets/blankets are stored under our beds. 

I also store extra bath mats under our bed since the bathroom is literally 2 steps away.  

So instead of doing the linen closet I decided to tackle one of my cupboards in the kitchen.  I have tried to organize my kitchen in zones.  Above my "desk" is a huge cabinet that I have designated as my baking cupboard.  I love to bake and because of that I have lots of flours, sugars, mixes etc.  

I don't have a before picture because I thought I already had one on my computer.  Well I was wrong.  So you'll have to use your imagination.  Sorry.  

It was somewhat organized but with the holidays I kinda got lazy and didn't keep it up.  

Here is the after:

In case you're curious, the bin on the top shelf keeps all my cake decorating supplies.  And the little closed container on top of it holds birthday candles. The green bin has all of my cookie cutters.  I used to have a small shoe box but my mother in law got us a box of 101 cookie cutters for Christmas so I had to upgrade. :-)  The two little white containers hold jello and pudding mixes and candy making supplies.  The last container holds my baking spices, extracts, baking powder, yeast etc.  I have some new labels that I printed out from here (thanks Kim!) and plan on getting those up soon.

The cabinet below is where I keep my mixing bowls, serving trays, cake stands, and measuring cups.  I don't have a before picture (again).   This time I just forgot until it was all done.  But just know it was a mess.  There wasn't even room for my mixer which was  exiled moved to the garage.  But now I have all this space on the bottom!  Take a look!!


  1. Look at you go! I wish I had your energy. I was supposed to start a cleaning schedule this week, but... not one tiny handprint has been removed from our glass doors.

  2. it looks great, andi! my husband is off tomorrow and i am supposed to go to the container store if it is not snowing too badly. i asked him, "so, what are you planning to do with your free time while you're home alone? oh, clean out the hall closet you say! what a fine idea!" he laughed at me.

  3. It looks great! I keep my linens under our bed too. I think it's actually a much better use of space than using a closet.


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