Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I said I would be back today with a recap on my organizing.  Not so much.  I totally spaced on my blog post and now I am too tired to think straight.  So I will make this short and sweet.

Instead of being on the computer Natalie and I were busy today getting acquainted with our new neighbor. ;-)

I let her borrow my hat, she looked cold.  Hehe...

We were cold ourselves so we went inside and had some hot cocoa.

It was awesome, just Natalie and I, hanging out for a couple of hours.  

I hope to have my post up tomorrow.  Unless we get another new neighbor. :-)


  1. Your little girl is ADORABLE and your snowman is perfect!

  2. New neighbours like that don't come along everyday so go ahead and make the most of them...we'll still be here when you come back! Looks like Natalie had the best time with you.

  3. Nice to get a little time alone together. I love when that happens:)

  4. that is one perfectly round snowman- impressive!!! and so glad you and nat got some one on one- i love when sawyer and i get that. it's so rare with the older child and so precious.


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