Monday, May 30, 2011

Best night of my life!!!!!!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  Other then being beyond exhausted, I'm fantastic!  Last night was amazing!  I'm going to try to do my best to explain my awesome experience.  Warning: tons o' pics ahead!!

Here's a picture of me at home before the concert, ready to go!!

Once we arrived we got our drinks and then found our seats.  I was blown away by how close we were!!

 The concert started with a new artist.  Ashlyne Huff.  I had never heard of her.  She sang about 3 songs, it was pretty entertaining.

 Next was Jordin Sparks, she was great but still not NKOTB!!

Here's right before they came out!!!  I was pretty much freaking out at this point :-)

Okay so this next picture is right when they came out. It's hard to see them.  My hubby had to take pictures because I was crying like a baby.  I was just so overwhelmed.  I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing them and I was soooo happy!!  Crazy right?  Never thought I was going to cry. haha.

Another blurry pic taken by the hubby (to his credit, he never ever uses the camera) :-)

Okay now I have composed myself enough to take some pics.  Joey...!!!!

Hard to see but this next one is Donnie.

With my camera I could either choose low light/night setting or action.  I went with low light because even though the action ones weren't blurry, you couldn't see anyone!  So I tried to take pics when they weren't moving too much.

 The boys showing some skin!

Donnie did his famous shirt ripping!

Here's one of Jordan...

Here are the backstreet boys...

 Here's NKOTB singing "Step by step" I think.  They even did the pelvic thrusts at the end, you know after "don't you know that the time is riiiight!"...CRACKED me up!!

Nick Carter...

 Nick, A.J., Howie, and Brian.

More NKOTB...

Here they are right before they came out in to the audience to sing "Tonight".

And guess who came about 3 rows away from me???? 
He was my favorite when I was a kid.  Almost got to touch him but was bum rushed by drunk crazed fans.  But I got some pretty cool pictures...

Jon hurt his leg and wasn't performing but came out for the end of a song.

 More BSB...

 and NKOTB...

And it took me awhile to remember that my camera could shoot video.  So here are a few short videos for your viewing pleasure.  Some are super shaky.  Sorry.

Loving you forever....

After their encore performance of "Hangin' tough"

I was so sad when it was over :(  I hope they tour again next year, if so I'm going for front row!!  I have been to some awesome concerts like Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution, or Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour but entertainment wise this was hands down the best!  So if you ever get a chance to go, you definitely should!!! 

And I definitely am typing this post while wearing my new NKOTB t-shirt :)


  1. oh i am crying too!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I so want to go but my best friend laughed and said are you kidding?? haha :) They are coming to Seattle very soon!! I doubt I could drag my husband :(

  3. Wow you got great pictures! GLad you had a great time :)

  4. Glad you had a blast! Man, do I feel old.

  5. You have got me so excited to see them! Joey was always my fav. I think I'm going to play my NKOTB & BSB greatest hits albums for the kids now!

  6. YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Looks like an amazing night!!! You looked super pretty & definitely happy :)
    SO glad it was a blast!
    "Please don't go would ruin my whole world!"

  7. Ah,brings me back to my first concert! Man, did I love those guys. So glad you had a great time!!!

  8. OMW! Thanks for sharing your awesome night w/ us! I too am a 'KidS' lover, in particularly @DonnieWahlberg... I know you've seen a couple of my blogs where I sneak him in *shy* but I'm crushing! I look forward in sharing my night w/ the 'Kids' too.


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