Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucketts goodies

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was exhausting but fun!!  Saturday was our yard sale and yesterday Lily and I made a trip to Lucketts for their annual Spring market.  Our first stop was Cassie and Emily's booth.  And even though I brought my camera I completely spaced and didn't take a single picture! Gah!  So I will be "borrowing" from Cassie so you guys can get a look at their awesome booth!  Here they are ready to go!

Primitive and Proper

A good amount of this was gone when I arrived on Sunday.  They did really well!

Primitive and Proper

See that aqua desk in the middle...if it is still around I am seriously thinking of buying it.  What do you guys think? It would be great in my kids playroom.

Primitive and Proper
And here are my rings and bobby pins.  Unfortunately I only sold a ring and one set of bobby pins but I am thankful for that!  It's better then nothin'!  So for all you guys who wanted to snag one or more :-), they will be in my shop ASAP.  Oh and see that cute stand?  Cassie has been kind enough to give it to me so that I can use it when I do a craft show.  Yep think I'm going to take the plunge and try my hand at a craft show this year!!

Primitive and Proper

After we visited with Cassie and Emily for awhile Lily and I did some shopping!  There was so much to see to the point that it was kinda overwhelming!  There was definitely something for everyone.  If only I had an endless amount of money!  I was good and spent $34.  I brought home these two mirrors which were originally $40 but I got them for $25.  Who knew I was good at haggling? ;-)

 The girls wanted to be in the pictures too!  I love how aged this mirror is!

And here I am in my pjs at 4pm, glasses and all!  I changed as soon as we got home. :-)

The mirrors will be painted and go above my couch as part of my wall-o-mirrors.

There was one vendor who had some really awesome stuff and awesome prices.  I bought this round soap dish from him for my kitchen and 6 butter knives.  All for $9!

My plan is to collect enough vintage flatware so that I can put my grandma's set away for special occasions only instead of using it everyday like we do now.

After some shopping I bought Lily and I a pretzel and some lemonade.  Best pretzel I have ever had!  I think it was deep fried...YUM!  It was like a pretzel donut.  Then we stopped back by to say goodbye to Cassie and Emily and headed home.

I made one last stop about 20 minutes from our house at a produce stand.  Here's what we brought home...

Nothing beats farm fresh produce!


  1. argh... i posted an entire comment that was long and then it shut my window down. i am getting that mac this week i hope!!!
    wanted to say that we would rock it out at some craft fairs... i know it! i just need to make some smaller items, too. :)
    and as for the desk, i have it and would be happy to barter it for poufs! but i need to touch up the top a little.

  2. thanks for visiting and i still loooove my shirt = ) scott thought it was pretty funny too!

  3. Sounds like fun! Next year...I hope to join you there!

  4. I would love to hear what craft fairs you are going to. I live close enough to stop by! I also think I am going to buy the nest pendant in your Etsy shop. I tried to win it but wasn't lucky enough. I still have to have it!

  5. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Love your mirrors, knives, & soap dish. great treasures!
    Mmmmm, produce from the stand is the best :)
    Happy Monday friend, XO

  6. Lots of great treasures. I'll have to go shopping. ;)

  7. Great finds, Andi (and great restraint... I'd have spent a fortune!) Love the mirrors. That desk is adorable... you should totally buy it if it's still available!


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