Tuesday, May 17, 2011

project fail?

I had this piece of wood that I bought at hobby lobby around Christmas time that I was going to use for another project but I never got around to it.  So I thought it would be fun to make an inspirational sign.  I thought something short and to the point was the best since it isn't very big.  I googled 3 word sayings.  I really liked, "be here now" because I interpreted as "be in the present".  There are many times that I am doing one thing while thinking about the next thing that I need/want to do.  And I just wanted a reminder to live for the moment, to really be aware, especially when it comes to playing with my girls.  So I got to work. (Sorry I have no before photos.)

I painted the with a dark chocolaty brown.  It soaked right in which is exactly what I wanted.  Then I primed over that and once the primer was dry I painted on a sample color called Custard by Martha Stewart living.  For the words I used another sample called Celtic gray.  Then I distressed the sign.  Even after all that it still didn't have the look I was going for.  So I diluted some of the dark brown paint  with water and painted it on, letting it sit for about 5 mins.  Then I wiped it off.  And here is the final result...

So why did I title this post project fail? Well first off I'm a perfectionist and the fact that the words progressively get bigger bugs me but the biggest thing is that "Be here now" kinda sounds like an order.  Like, "get over here!" Am I crazy?  About the sign...we'll address the other crazy later ;) Opinions please!!

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  1. i think it looks great! i am always the same way about my own projects, but honestly i would not have noticed the words getting bigger unless you told me. and i like the effect of the colors together. and i also like the saying... it's what it means to you. ok, off to bed so i can get up at 5 am. yip-freakin-ee.

  2. I love the saying - I need to remember that too while being with my son. To be with him in the moment - not worrying about work or the next thing to do or checking emails or whatever.

    Maybe you just feel like it sounds like an order because it is in all caps? maybe if it was all lowercase, it would seem "gentler"?

    Regardless, I like it. And if it means something to you, that is what matters :)

  3. I like the look of it, but i think that maybe "Enjoy the Moment", "Live in the Now", "Be present" would get your message across with a more positive tone? Just a thought:)

    I do love the sign and I love where you put it!

  4. I like it. I agree with Cassie- we are our own worst critic. But make it make you happy, otherwise it will just sit there and bug you.

  5. I like it! Like the neutral tones and definitely the message!

  6. I think it looks great! And I love that saying too. It doesn't seem like an order to me at all (and I totally wouldn't have noticed the words getting bigger if you didn't point it out). I say, project success! xo

  7. Maybe some dots/stars/something between the words? To kind of separate them?
    I like it though, and it doesn't look like it gets bigger to me.

  8. I honestly can't see the words getting bigger...I think you are too hard on yourself...the sign looks great! I do exactly the same thing with projects...for example, that box I painted at Cassie's the other night is now repainted!!!

  9. I think it looks great and I love the message! I am also a perfectionist. It is my biggest weakness. I have 4 pieces of painted furniture in my dining room. One of these days I will get pictures over to Cassie to sell, but every time I think I'm finished, I find something I don't like or want to change. Walk away from it and let it be for a few days. If it bugs you every time you walk in the room, then I would say to change something.

  10. Is this on your oven, like your timer is calling you? I like it.

  11. andi, i think it looks great! we are our own worst critics. i missed you all friday night, are you coming to lucketts at all?

  12. I think it looks great and didn't even notice the words getting bigger. I like the slight shimmer to the silver too. Good job. But, others are right, fix it if you don't like it b/c otherwise it will drive you nuts!

  13. I agree with Amy @ Increasingly Domestic, another phrase like Enjoy the Moment would seem less bossy. Also, going lower case would help too.
    You have such great ideas! This sign is the perfect size for that place too!

  14. I really like it, Andi. And it looks great in that space. The change in size of the letters isn't even noticeable. What's important is that it's your message and that you understand its meaning. You chose those words for a reason.

  15. I agree with Gwen..I didn't notice the change in size of the letters either..even with being forewarned by yourself! Probably next time it would help to make the letters lowercase not capitals then you wouldn't feel like you're being yelled at. That's what you get for looking at emails and stuff..a thing about capitals!

  16. The change in the letters gives one the suggestion of perspective> It doesn't bother me at all. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I like the paint colors and distress effect. Not loving the phrase though and prefer with some of the recs from Amy @ Increasingly Domestic above. But if you like it, that matters most! :)

  18. Andi,

    LOL you're right, it does seem like an order but a good one. Think of it this way... Even if the words do get bigger as they go across it's the reminder that you need so you can "BE HERE NOW" so it completely serves it's purpose, no?

    Don't be so hard on yourself, the sign is great! ;0)


  19. I don't think it sounds like an order at all. I would love to be there right now with you!

    The color scheme you chose is perfect. I love the distressed appeal, and it fits perfectly on top of your stove...

    Thanks for sharing this at "Meet Me On Monday" Andi....

    Take care,


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