Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Second floor cushion and keepin' it real!

Hey guys!  I'm soooo excited!  My mom is flying out from California and I'm picking her up at the airport in the morning!!  I haven't seen her since September.  We are going to have so much fun while she is here! Hobby Lobby, Ikea, antiquing, baking, going to the pool.  I can't wait!!  And have you seen the new kids ticker?  Whoo hoo!  Only a few more days and i will be hangin' tough!! (sorry couldn't resist).  Now I just need to get an outfit!  Any suggestions?  My wardrobe is seriously lacking.

Okay on to what this post is suposed to be about, the second floor cushion.  Here it is...

Natalie picked out this fabric.  The piping doesn't exactly match but I love the pop of color!

And they look great together!

Now onto keepin' it real.  I have said that I am a beginner sewer.  Some of you have said it ain't so because you think I have mad skills.  Well as much as I love and appreciate the compliments I thought I would show you some close up shots of my skills. Those of you that are intimidated by sewing or don't think you are good at it can see that I make plenty of mistakes that would probably make a seamstress shudder but it all usually turns out okay (sometimes even fabulous) in the end!!

 Here is my not so great job of getting close to the stitching on the piping. I used my zipper foot and it actually pushed the piping away so I switched back to the regular foot and it worked MUCH better!  You can see how much better on the second cushion...

The handles were tricky because the fabric was so thick.  I broke 2 needles!

Here you can see where the material wasn't moving and the thread just got all bunched up.

And last but not embarrassing hand stitching!  AWFUL!!  My mom is going to give me some lessons when she's here but I couldn't wait to finish these cushions so I just winged it, as you can clearly tell!

And I think I may have been drinking when I did this one (totally kidding) but it's like I just sewed wherever and how ever!

Do you guys have any sewing confessions?  Or maybe some pointers for us novices?  :-D


  1. I love the floor cushions! Who is going to be looking at them that close anyways? I'm taking sewing classes at the community college and I end up with a lot of "quirks" in my sewing but as long as I know no one will be looking so closely I don't fuss about it too much.

  2. Those floor cushions are awesome! When I have a house with a bit more room I am totally making some. I suck at hand stitching too. I avoid it at all costs.

  3. that looks adorable! but let me tell ya, you better hone those skills or the deal is off. ;) totally kidding! they look awesome and i am so excited!

  4. It looks great! I'm a beginner and I'd be too intimidated to take on such a big project. I'm beyond impressed!

  5. Andi!! I think I love the second one even more than the first! You should consider selling those in your shop!

  6. Well, apart from BREAKING my sewing machine and being too lazy to put it back together. the shame.
    I LOVE your cushions! They are adorable, forget about any "flaws"!

  7. Um, couldn't even follow what you were saying so you are a master seamstress in my mind! Look awesome. Love the 2nd fabric choice!

  8. LOVE the second fabric and the pretty mis-matched piping. Perfection! Ok, ok, thanks for sharing your mini-mistakes. But still. You have piping. You have handles. The thing is round. I mean come on! You're a sewing genius in my book :)

  9. I think they look great! I really love the piping on the second one :)

    As far as handstitching goes, it was the bane of my existence until I saw a tutorial somewhere for a stitch called the ladder stitch. It makes handstitching to close SO easy and invisible. I don't remember the exact tutorial I saw, but I'm sure Google can help you find a good one. :)

  10. Fabulous! Wow! I like the turq. trim - adds a nice 'pop'. Great job!

  11. OMG!!!! I have been so bad about blogging and just signed in and the first place I came was here to MAKE SURE I hadn't missed the send off for the NKOTB CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Have a wonderful time :-) take a lot of pictures - are you going to be close enough to touch any of the "boys" ???? Tell them hi from me! (LOL)
    Ummm.... yeah I pretty much stink the big one when it comes to sewing! Sorry! :-( I broke a sewing machine needle in my sewing class in HS and haven't been the same since!
    Have a blast - do it to it!!!!! Are you still a vegetarian??? :-)

  12. My sewing looks about the same- I just fake it and people think I do a better job. Luckily they don't look too close.

    I love the cushions

  13. I love the piping on the floor cushion. It looks amazing. Honestly, the pictures of the issues you had don't even look bad, Andi. I think you did a great job :)

  14. Your sewing skillz look great to me! And I love the fabrics you chose!!!!


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