Monday, July 11, 2011

I love lamp part deux

So apparently we have some fans of Anchorman!   Thanks for all the quotes, that cracked me up!  And now I want to watch it again.  And it looks like the trim stays!!  Thanks for your help!

I guess I am in my "lamp phase" because I redid another lamp last night.

I have those two milk glass lamps on either side of my couch both with drum shades.  Here is a picture of my sad attempt to add some color to the blah shade.

The other one looks like this...

Ha ha! I had a bigger lamp base but when I moved the milk glass lamp off of my desk to make way for my "new" lamp this was the only shade I had.  So I went out and bought another shade.

Ahhh...much better, but still blah.

I was browsing my own boards on Pinterest, yes my own boards, I tend to forget what I've pinned. :) And I saw this:


I think I heard angels singing when I saw it.  Ding, ding, ding!!! I could just paint on stripes on my shades!

So I measured my stripes so that they would be even and taped off where it would be white.

Taping was a bit tricky because there were tons of creases.  I did my best to smooth them out so the paint wouldn't bleed through.

I also tried to even out the edge by adding smaller pieces of tape so it would wrinkle.

Next I took my aqua paint and metallic pearl white and mixed them together.

The I started painting.  I was going for a subtle shimmery look but after one coat it was pretty flat.  So I painted on a coat of metallic pearl and before it was dry I added another coat of the aqua and metallic pearl mixture.  Worked like a charm!

Once the paint was dry I pulled off the tape.  I had some bleed through and only one spot that was pretty bad.  I just got out a tiny paint brush and touched up the lines so that they were nice and even.

And here it is...

sigh...I'm in love.  I love the modern shade with the vintage lamps.  And I have finally put something above my couch but I can't show you just yet but with the pillows and lamp it looks awesome, if I do say so myself!  Tonight I plan on finishing the second lamp while watching the season premiere of Design Star!!

party on...

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  1. It's called "jogging." Apparently you just run!! Had to do it!! I love lamp came out terrific and I love how it matches your pretty pillow...

  2. You are awesome! Those colors are really pretty.

  3. I have a frame with your name on it that would look so fine on that's aqua, but I'm not quite sure it's the exact same...see you Friday!

  4. you already know i love it! but thought i would repeat the sentiment.

  5. That lamp turned out SO cute!! I love the big chunky stripes - perfect! :)

  6. OOOOOOOOH!!!!!!! I love it SO much!!! Perfect with the pillows :)

  7. Can I come steal those lamps?!?! I love milk glass!

  8. OMG Andi I love it! You should link up to my new feature 'Toot Your Horn Tuesday'. ;0)

    Can't wait to see you Friday.

  9. I love this lamp! I have a true weakness for milk glass! Love the transformation too. Well done!

  10. Love it, saw this from Today's Creative Blog and just had to stop by and say...glorious, just glorious!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  11. LOVE how this turned out. Great job!

  12. Awesome! Loved seeing the progression. Really liking the stripes!

  13. The lamp looks so good, the painted stripes give it more character.

  14. I love this color and the stripe style!


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