Friday, July 22, 2011

I've gone Olioboard!!

Yesterday I told you guys that I was redoing the girls' room.  Currently Natalie is in a tinkerbell toddler bed and Lily is in a crib that has been converted to a toddler bed.  Natalie is definitely in need of a bigger bed.  Unfortunately the room is not ideal for two twin beds.  One wall is taken up by a closet, the other has two windows and another has the door.  That leaves one wall which could accommodate two beds if we didn't need to open the bedroom door ;-)  Here's a series of pics showing you around the room.  I had already started painting.  The walls before were each painted a different color.  One a light green, one aqua, one yellow, and one a purplish blue.  I painted the room before Natalie was born.  I decorated around the quilt that came with her bedding set.  The new color is Ballet slipper by Martha Stewart.

 Here's a picture of the inspiration quilt.

Here are the pictures I painted above the door and closet.

I had a really tough time painting over them.  I couldn't believe how emotional I was. I'm just glad I have pictures to remember.

Okay so now you've seen the sorta before.  I made a mood board to show you my ideas.  I used the free site Olioboard.  It's awesome!  You can pick photos from their gallery and/or upload your own!
It was so much fun that I have plans to make one for my kitchen and master bedroom very soon!

Okay so here's the plan:

The wall that Lily's bed is on will be a full size bed that the girls' will share.  I found that awesome white bedframe at a furniture consignment shop.  It was quite a trek to get it but SO worth it!!  I love the details on the headboard.  My original plan was to make the girls' a duvet.  Then I realized that the quilt I made in the quilt along had the color scheme I was going for!!   With some help from Cassie I decided that I would buy a cream or white coverlet and drape the quilt at the bottom of the bed.

I found the vintage pillows on Etsy.  I LOVE them!  They will most likely go on the bed.

I showed you the nipple dresser yesterday.  It will most likely go on the wall next to the door.  Either that or between the windows.  I'll have to see once I get the bed in there.

The petite dresser I plan to put on one side of the bed and am going to paint it, not sure what color yet.  Maybe a warm yellow or a darker pink????!?!?!??  I also found a little pedestal table for 5 bucks that looks similar to the one on my mood board.  It will go on the other side of the bed and will most likely be yellow.

The aqua rug I found on Olioboard.  I thought it mimicked the pattern in the headboard.  The girls' room is carpeted so not sure with all the furniture whether or not a rug would look okay.  But I still love it!!

I plan on doing a gallery wall somewhere in the room  and I thought the reverse silhouettes would look awesome above the headboard.

I still have to figure out storage for books, whether I want to embellish the plain curtains that are already there or buy new ones, whether I needs to put up shelves, etc, etc, etc....

A lot of decisions will come along the way as I see how my ideas play out.  So what do you think so far?  I would love any and all opinions, suggestions, ideas etc.!!!  Thanks!!


  1. like i said in my email, i think that pop of yellow is going to be just so awesome possum!

  2. I love the colors and the white furniture- looks like you're on the right track! Olioboard looks like a fun tool- I had never heard of it! Good luck!

  3. LOVE the mood board! GORGEOUS! I have some extra Suzy Ultman prints and wouldn't mind sharing the love :)
    Can't wait to see your modd board become reality :)
    p.s. that quilt is so dreamy!!!

  4. I am SO sick. So my thoughts aren't super coherent. At any rate, I love those animals you painted for your girls. Perhaps you could do them on canvas so other people's children could have them in their rooms too. Etsy?
    Just a thought. I hope it made sense. I only had to use the backspace key like 50 times.
    Going back to bed.

  5. Ooooh.....That all looks amazing!!! :) Can't wait to see the final look all put together! I am going to be doing the same thing with nursery mania sometime in the next few months :) yay!!

  6. Thanks for the link to Olioboard. Definitely going to check it out. Your inspiration pics look great. I love that you're going to use the quilt you made :)

  7. Great plan! I say leave the white dresser white or paint it yellow. Those animals you painted are adorable...I can see why you got emotional. Seriously, they are so cute, you should paint them on canvas and sell them...REALLY! You are very talented...I can say, "I knew her when..."

  8. Can't wait to see the finished room. I love the idea of the two sisters snuggled up in one bed-too cute. I have a 2y.o. who is now jumping out of the crib so a big girl room for her is on the agenda here as well!

  9. I'm going to check out Olioboard right now!!! And your painted animals were so cute! Can't wait to see what you do with the new room


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