Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nipple knobs

Ha ha!  I bet that post title got your attention.  Don't unfollow me yet :)  I haven't gone all crude, I save that for when I meet you in person ;-)  Just keep reading, it's worth it, I promise.

I know I have been M.I.A. and haven't posted in awhile.  I have been spending less time at the computer and getting more things done and of course having fun!  I have cleaned out the garage, re seeded our tiny but overgrown with mutant weeds backyard and laid down a stone border, some sewing, mod podging, and some  furniture painting as well!!  It feels good to get so much accomplished.  All those things I plan about blogging about in the near future but for now I want to show you my furniture makeover!  I haven't shared this with you guys but I am trying to redo the girls's room.  So far I have painted the walls, bought the full size bed frame, and painted this dresser...

I got it for 30 bucks!!!  I just loved it!  I didn't take a ton of time to check the drawers because I was a tad giddy but once I got it home I found the two bottom drawers were in need of repair.  One of the drawer bottoms was practically falling off and the other had a crack in it that someone had tried to glue.

No biggie..just need to make a trip to home depot this weekend and have some plywood cut.  Cassie assured me that it would be easy.  Famous last words.
Some of the veneer was coming off on the drawer fronts.  It wasn't horrible but I thought with the drawers being opened over and over they would probably only get worse over time.  So with some wood glue, clamps, and patience they all looked like new (sorta) again!

Once they had sat overnight I was ready to sand and prime and paint!  Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later this was the result!

My initial idea was to get all new knobs, then I noticed on one of the knobs that there was a white center that had been covered with varnish or stain.  It was mother of pearl!!!

So pretty right?  Well before I actually put them all on the dresser I got this totally awesome dumb idea to paint the wood part of the knobs.  One of those looks awesome in your head but is a total fail IRL type ideas!! *palm to face.

Thank goodness I only did one.  I liked it but loved the dark wood better! :(  And besides once someone very wise ;-) pointed out that it looked like a nipple I was really regretting my decision.  So now I will be attempting to strip paint off that one knob.  Nipple knob if you will.  It's spray paint so hopefully it won't be a big pain.  If that doesn't work then I will probably paint then all a dark color or a cream.

I'll be back tomorrow to share with you the mood board for my girls' room I made and explain my plans!!  It's gonna be awesome.  Not like nipple knob awesome, but still awesome ;-)

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  1. You crack my shiz up! Nipple knobs is a term I would use too. Aside from that though, the dresser is to die for!! Can't wait to see the mood board...

  2. those nip knobs are hottt! the dresser is looking great and now i want you to take me thrifting next time you go :)

  3. nipple knobs... *giggle*... nipple knobs... Yeah, that's pretty much the best thing I've heard all day! If that dresser goes missing suddenly I SWEAR it wasn't me! I concur on the dark finish on the nipples, I mean knobs is the way to go!

  4. Good luck fixing your nipple knob :) I think dark is the way to go too! And $30 for that dresser?!?! SCORE!

  5. what?!?!? i didn't get credit for being the crude one? :) i am going to go scream it from the rooftop... "NIPPLE!!!!!!" i am loving it either way and can't wait to see it in the room!

  6. my attention, especially after those conversations at wine and design the other night!

  7. Andi, it is SO SO GORGEOUS!!! ASFL for sure! I can't wait to see it in the room (nipples and all, ha ha). xo

  8. :) The dresser is gorgeous, Andi. What a fantastic paint job. The knobs are beautiful, too. Hopefully you can strip the pink because that dark wood is amazing!

  9. We have a dresser almost identical to this one in my daughter's room. When I originally brought it home for my sons nursery, some 6 years ago, I painted it white. I've been contemplating redoing it a fun color. This is so stinkin' cute!

    Stoppin' by from Vintage Revivals - gonna poke around the rest of your blog. :o)

  10. So funny! I love your sense of humor. ; )


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