Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Update

  • joined the summer reading program-check


  • zoo-check

  • pool-check

had a cute video but am having technical difficulties, arrrrgh!

  • make salt dough-check

  • build a fort (we cheated and put up a tent)-ch-check

  • paint-check

  • eat dinner on the deck-check times 3

  • story time at the library-check

  • chalk drawings-ch-check

  • go on walks-check 

  • BBQ-check

  • bubbles-check times infinity! (Lily LOVES bubbles)

How's your summer going? :)


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I lov ehearing all of thos fun "checks!"

  2. you are totally rocking out that check list!
    hang with cassie... check!
    emmy has that same green checkered dress- i love it! i just showed emmy and she was excited they have the same dress. :)

  3. So glad you're getting things checked off your list, Andi :)

  4. Can't wait to see an updated picture of the chalk board! Let's see those check marks!

  5. Woohoo! Way to cram in all the summer fun! Looks like everyone is having a blast helping you check things off your list :)

  6. yay for checking of so many things!! Awesome! Send some of that mojo my way, please!! :)

  7. Yay for you! I have only one thing on my summer check list: Find a full-time job ;0)

    Glad you're enjoying summer!

  8. I love the chalk board list- Great job- My summer is just going to fast. I haven't gotten much done.

  9. I love your list! It's so vibrant... did you use chalk markers? And your sidwalk drawings rock :)

  10. Could your girls look any more cute and happy!!?? By the way, I am amazed and so jealous of that chalkboard. How freaking awesome is that??!!

    Take care,

  11. Oh my goodness! I love ALL of this! Especially the chalk drawings. It's one of my favorite things to do. Whenever any of my tots don't want to have learning time I turn it into a chalking adventure. I think I enjoy it more than they do! It looks like your summer is going swimmingly!! :)


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