Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to school clipboard

*NOTE* I had the post below ready to post last Thursday but life kind of got crazy around here. 
Here's why I didn't post:
Lily woke up with a 99 temp on Thursday and with her history of febrile seizures I gave her motrin.  We alternate every 3 hours with tylenol so that her fever never spikes and she hopefully doesn't have a seizure.  So after getting back from dropping Natalie off at her first day of Kindergarten (she LOVES it btw!!) an hour later Lily was due for her tylenol and ready for a nap.  That was around 10:30am.  At 11:10 I heard a hiccuping sound.  I look on the monitor and see her hands are in fists and up near her face and her back is arched so I race into her room because I know she is having a seizure but am praying I'm wrong.  Unfortunately I was wrong and it was the biggest she has ever had.  The hiccuping noise was because she was throwing up.  I wish I could get that image out of my head.  I know that she is having a seizure and will make it out of it but there is that tiny part of me that worries that this time she won't and that terrifies me.  It is the most helpless feeling.  I'm happy to report no more seizures although she still has had a low grade fever on and off.  We are going to see a neurologist next week for peace of mind.  Although I don't think we will have complete peace mind until she outgrows it.

I told you guys that Natalie was starting Kindergarten on Tuesday, well because of Irene and power outages Natalie didn't start until today.  She was little bummed.  But the extra days gave me plenty of time to get organized.  I'm on a mission to get her school year off to a good start.  I saw this clipboard idea over at The 36th Avenue and thought is was an awesome idea.  

This way Natalie will know what needs to be done every night before going to bed.  And since this experience is new to the rest of us it will help us stay on top of what needs to be done.   If she does all her tasks every night for the whole school week she will get to pick a reward.

Here are Desiree's ideas for rewards:

10 extra minutes before bed.
Make a wish... {any reasonable activity they would like to do}
Yummmy! You get an extra snack for school tomorrow!
Lucky! You just got a nighttime SNACK!
Read a BOOK!

And here's how I made my clipboard:

I just took a simple "wood" clipboard and painted it with acrylic craft paint.  I asked Natalie what color she wanted, expecting her to say pink, but she said "I want aqua!" I promise I didn't coach her :) 
Then I mod podged a strip of pretty scrapbook paper, with birds of course!!  

Then I used my silhouette and cut out some vinyl letters.

Desiree has her own vinyl business and sells the school chart vinyl kit.

My vinyl is matte so it hasn't been great with the dry erase markers :(  So I am most likely going to purchase some gloss vinyl from Desiree's shop!

We've only had two days of school but this clipboard has been great!  I still have to make the reward cards.  I am going to sit down with Natalie this weekend and see what we can come up with together.

Oh and here's a picture of a little visitor we had at our front door today :)


  1. AWESOME!!!! I'm anxious to see what our kinder routine will be. Once I know what's up, I'll defintiely be making one of these :)
    Hi froggy!!!

  2. I love it!

    Why you don't email me your shiiping address and I send you the right vinyl for the dots? Don't worry about ordering ;)

    I shared it on my FB page!

  3. Your clipboard is adorable! I love it. So scary with the febrile seizures - here's to hoping she outgrows them soon!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Lily, but I'm glad she's better now. The clipboard is so cute. What a great idea.

  5. I'm glad Lily is okay...that's so scary Andi. Hope you are doing better too. I love these clipboards, and I am trying to figure out how to make them work for middle school, and high school {gulp}.

  6. Lovely idea!
    As a mother my heart goes out to you. Lots of love to you and Lily :)

  7. Yay for school-time organizations :) So cute! And yay for the little one needing to outgrow that scary stuff :( you are so strong!! Yikes!! xo

  8. What a super cute idea- If I was on my game I would totally make one, but instead I am relying on the old paper from the printer for know. But I do live this.

  9. it looks adorable! i love the colors you used for yours- so happy and so you! and glad that natalie is loving school. she's such a sweet kid.
    and i am anxious to hear what the neurologist says- keeping you guys in my thoughts!


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