Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bits and pieces

My wedding tackle, my meat and two veg, my twig and I the only one who thinks of Austin Powers when they hear "bits and pieces"?  haha!!  Love me some Mike Meyers!  Sorry to disappoint but I think that's enough of that kind of talk for one day ;)

So on to my bits and pieces ;)

First I need your opinions.  I have been wanting to make a display for my girls' artwork for some time now.  The ideal space is in the kitchen, the only problem is the lack of wall space.  We have a little bump out where the kitchen table sits that has these 2 foot wall spaces on either side.  Here's what I was thinking of doing...see the little 1 x 2's by the door...

My questions are...

1.  What do you think of displaying the art work there?  I plan to paint the wood and add clothes pins.

2.  Should I add some on the wall across from it to balance it out?  (I'm already thinking yes)

3. What color should I paint them?  The wall color or white?  Or something else?  My plan is to paint the kitchen a yellow, as soon as I find the right yellow (I'm open to suggestions on the perfect yellow too :)).

Second... I have white counter tops and reddish oak colored cabinets.  Really want to paint cabinets.  What do you think of gray? Or should I go a slightly warm white?  I would love aqua (hehe) but not sure that would be good for when we try to sell later down the road.  And I plan on only painting the cabinets once. :)

Third...I have been migrating towards mid century modern lately and that had me jump on a 10 dollar table I found on craigslist.  I drove 45 mins to pick it up and it was a lot bigger then I thought but I don't care, I love it.  So for now it sits in my garage.

The girl that sold me the table lives about a block from the mall that has anthropologie.  So after I got my table I made a stop and picked up some's been a few years since I've been :( I had a little fun and wanted to share my goodies:


All bright and happy finds!  

And lastly...even though the temperature outside says differently, I am ready for Fall!  I already started burning my pumpkin spice candles and changed my chalkboard...


  1. I used you idea for the summer to do list and created my own list on our chalkboard. Now I just copied your fall quote onto my chalkboard! Love your ideas!

  2. love your quote, too! and here are my answers...
    love the idea of adding the wood to just the one side. i would paint them to match the trim- white. that way the artwork is what stands out, but they still look like they are an intentional display.
    and i would go gray on the cabinets. white will be really hard to get perfect with your countertops, so the gray will just be easier. plus less coats. :)

  3. I am a fan of all things Mike Meyers too :)
    Ok here are my votes:
    Paint the wood for the art white so it looks like the trim. I think it's ok only on one side.
    Paint your cabinets Gray (so pretty).
    I will keep my eyes peeled for the perfect yellow :)
    I'm ready for Fall too!! xo

  4. Gray!!! I love gray for cabinets and think that would look awesome in your kitchen! And I think white wood too. :) Your home is so adorable!!!

  5. White wood on one wall. Gray cabinets.
    The perfect yellow is Jersey Creme by Sherwin Williams. If you wish to see it in person, come on down for a's in my dining room. Trust me, I painted my mudroom with what I thought was a pale yellow and ended up promptly re-painting because it was so bright! Jersey creme is very yellow in some light and then a pale hint of yellow in can even grab a free sample at my house (have some leftover). Email me.

  6. Ok first off, I love your measuring spoons! So cute!

    As far as what color paint for the artwork, I feel white might be good. Especially with te yellow you talked about. But if you decided against painting the cabinets aqua (which I think would be really cute)you could paint the art area wood aqua maybe? Just my opinion. :)

    Either way I think your kitchen is really pretty. I love all the goodies you got. :)

  7. Yes paint the wood work white- what a cute idea.

    Yellow can be a pain- I liked Whisper Yellow by Behr but it is yellow, not cream.

    For the cabinets, gray is a nice color and just starting as a trend, so you would have some time on them. Of course Aqua is nice :), but I hear you on repainting them. And of course white is always nice- I say gray.

  8. I had a yellow kitchen and loved it. I think the name was Cornsilk from Home Depot. I don't think it was Behr which I prefer, but you could color match.
    If you would like to see it I can send you a picture. They were edited though so the color looks a little different than IRL.

  9. I love the idea and placing of the art display- I would only do one side, it keeps the clutter to a minimum- kids will fill every space allotted to them- it's a law of physics. :) Paint the wood white, but the clothes pins you could add some color if you want. I love the idea of gray for the cabinets. Good luck painting them- I only plan on painting my cabinets never. :)

  10. oh I looooove your table! Have you found a place for it yet? I love me some mid-century modern!


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