Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween goodies

I am operating on 5 hours of sleep (Lily's been up since that is not a typo) so I apologize if I get a little loopy in this post.  Yesterday she was up at 5 and the day before it was 5:30, do you think tomorrow it will be 2:30?  Please Lord, show me some mercy.

That new medicine I am on has really been helping.  I am so glad I finally decided to try it.  My mood has been great (even on little sleep) and I have been knocking out the projects left and right!!  I started and finished the zebra stool in a day.  I have finished the girls' art display and will be showing you guys soon.  I have been sewing and mod podging like crazy too.  I have also made a few more goodies for my Etsy shop, like this crow's nest pendant.

Smoke colored glass pearls nestled in a nest of black coated copper wire.

I also made some Halloween themed coasters with lots of glitter!!

These last two are hopefully going in the shop by the end of today.  It's been gloomy here lately so I apologize for the picture quality.
Here are some blocks that say "boo!" and "eek!"

 And my favorite halloween project so far...a memory matching game using dollar spot rub ons!
I am going to make a little draw string bag to store them in.

How are your Fall/Halloween projects coming along?


  1. The blocks are darling! But I agree, my fave has probably got to be the memory game- so cute!! I'm sorry about the no sleep- we tend to do things early here too and the last couple of nights we've had a wake up session at 3:30 too. :( No fun. Hopefully she'll get back on schedule soon.

  2. Whoa! You're on a crafting rampage! And all the stuff is awesome. I really love the colors for the new nest :)

  3. i love the glittered edges on the coasters- so fun!
    and you already know i love it all, craftly lady.

  4. LOVE it all!!!!!! So talented miss Andi!

  5. I love glitter! Everything you've made is great. Not sure how you accomplish so much but it's all awesome!


  6. What did you make the matching game on?


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