Sunday, September 4, 2011

My camera died :(

I have projects to show you guys but no camera to take pictures.  I'm hoping the rechargeable battery is just the issue and once I replace that we will be back in bisnaz.  Cuz mama doesn't have money to buy a new camera.  I have a point and shoot and my next camera will be a DSLR and those are not cheap. So cross your fingers that switching the battery is the answer either that or you can contribute to my camera fund!  haha!  Now for some obligatory pictures for your viewing enjoyment since I can't publish a post without pictures.  It's almost as bad as saying "he who must not be named" out loud.  Oh yeah you know your post is lame when you have to pull out Harry Potter analogies.  But back to the random pics...Enjoy!

Okay these aren't exciting but I wanted to show you this 3 piece suite I had from England that I sold at auction for around 200 because the veneer was cracking and two of the drawers were broken.  Aaarrrgh!  What was I thinking?  My only excuse is that this was way before I started blogging and wasn't aware of the potential.   Anyone else have something they got rid of B.B. (before blogging) that they wish they hadn't?

And here are some pics of my girls' wearing my first ever purchase on Etsy...LOVE these hats!!  And these are some of my favorite pictures of my girls.

How's your weekend going?


  1. what WERE you thinking??????? i did the same thing before blogging and cringe at some of the things i gor rid of. but you just never know.
    those hars are adorable, and the girls wearing them even more so!

  2. oooh and emmy will look so cute in a hat now that she has shorter hair!

  3. there is so much stuff i wish i hadn't gotten rid of! I feel like i am turning into a hoarder now that i started blogging. I am seriously saving things like junk and recyclables. Sorry about the camera!

  4. Oh my gawd! First, your girls are adorable! Since I don't and won't have girls of my own, I need to swoon over others. Second, that suite is to.die.for. i would kick myself too...but b.b. none of us knew anything. Hope the camera is an easy fix!

  5. SUPER BUMMER about the camera! Hope it's just the battery!!!
    Also a bummer about the B.B. furniture sale! Boo.
    CUTE hats on ever CUTER girls :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures - they are too cute!
    My camera died a few weeks ago hence all the terrible phone shots on my blog :(
    I'm definitely putting a camera to the top of my 'when i have any money' list!!

  7. I never got rid of anything personally, but we as a family got rid of my grandma's stuff, and although I don' recall, my dad says that she had some awesome things like that that we would like today! And those girls are A-DORABLE! :) HAPPY LABOR DAY!

  8. I just never get rid of anything... just ask my husband ;)

    You girls are adorable! I just want to pinch their rosy little cheeks. Cute hats, too :)

  9. AHHHH your little girlies are too cute! Sucky about the camera- hope all turns out okay!

  10. Your girls look gorgeous in those hats!

    Those pieces are great! Bummer, I bet the person who bought them knew their potential... :0/

    So sorry to hear your camera died. I hope it's just the battery. My point and shoot battery is dying (it NEVER stays charged more than 20mins or so) and it sucks because it's my only camera since hubby sold my DSLR. But guess what?! has monthly contests where you can WIN a camera! You're in luck, this month's contest is all about photo manipulation so look for an old photo, break out your photo editing software and get going!)

    Good Luck.



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