Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zebra stool

Nope not what you are thinking...no zoology lesson on zebra poop, but I appreciate your potty humor ;)
I'm talking about this kind of stool...

Found it at my favorite thrift stores and I paid less then 5 dollars for it!!!  When ever i see cool furniture that is upholstered I usually walk away because I have no clue how to upholster unless the upholstered part is removable.  Then I can just wrap the fabric around and secure it with heavy duty staples. And in this case it lifted right off!  There is a space for storage, maybe it's an old vanity bench or something??

So I knew I wanted to paint it white but I wasn't sure what fabric I wanted for the seat.  Then I saw some brown zebra at hobby Lobby and knew right away that is what I wanted.  I thought it would be a fun accent that wouldn't be overbearing since it's on a small scale.  Next came the paint choice.  After running my zebra fabric idea by Cassie she suggested Summer White by Sherwin Williams.  So I bought a sample and I could not be more thrilled with the results!!  I plan on giving it a high gloss look as soon as I get to the store for some poly.

 Now my oldest has a pretty place to sit to put on her shoes and get her book bag ready for school.

And speaking of color...I dyed my hair...

partying over here!!

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  1. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

  2. Way cool...both your hair and the stool! (hey, that rhymed.)

  3. I have a soft spot for stools and yours ROCKS!! Swoon! And you are SO pretty, Andi!

  4. I love the shape of that stool. Great hair!

  5. LOVE poop (I mean stool) and LOVE hair!!!!
    L-O-V-E spells love!

  6. i love the stool and your hair but you knew that!
    and the color is summer white, not summer cream- just in case anyone wants to copy your stool, cuz it don't stink! :)

  7. Love the stool! I have a funny story about zoology that I probably shouldn't share, but it has to do with a 5-legged slide show. I'll leave it at that. ;) The hair- gorgeous!! You are too darling for words.

  8. Amazing as usual! It looks like it was made to be there!
    Cute hair too. That is a nice color.

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!! It has seriously been FOREVER, and I am SO SORRY!!!
    1st of all can I just say that your hair turned out FABULOUS and 2nd our hair is identical - mine is a shade lighter brown, but the exact same length - easy peasy!!! :-)
    I sincerely hope you are doing nothing but WONDERFUL and hope we can get back in touch!
    Take care my dear,

  10. Love the stool! Of course, I love animal prints too. Your hair looks great too.


  11. I just found your blog & can't wait to check out your tutorials. FYI-I have a stool just like that. It is the seat that goes with my sewing machine cabinet. So now you know! =) It looks great! And your hair too.

    ~Theresa in TX


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