Thursday, October 6, 2011

The how, when, and why behind my Halloween Eye Candy

Yesterday I posted some pictures of my Halloween decor without any explanation of where I got my ideas and/or inspiration.  So today I thought I would show you guys the how, where, and why behind my decor.

By now you guys know I have a chalkboard and that I like to put quotes or lists on it.  When I saw this countdown on my pal Ali's blog, My Third True Love, I knew I had to have one too.

Ali is also the inspiration for my painted pumpkins.  Hers are awesome.  Make sure you check them out!

These creepy spiders are made out of rocks and black wire.  I found the idea on Eighteen 25.  They are made by Rebecca of Simple as That. I love how mine turned out.

This spider I bought last year in the dollar spot at target.

I found out that I had a lot of Halloween decor ideas that I never started or finished from last year, like this banner that I printed out.  It's from The Graphics Fairy.  I embellished it with some fine glitter.

This wreath is another idea that I never finished.  I took a dollar store foam wreath and wrapped dollar store "mummy cloth" around it.  Then I punched out some spiders and glitter-ized them.  I purposely punched out 13, 3 are orange and the rest black.

When I posted this next picture I hadn't yet finished a project for the three bottles sitting in front of the wreath.  I found them at the thrift store for 75 cents! And immediately knew I wanted them for my Halloween decor.

So I took some scrap paper that looked aged and added some left over rub ons from my halloween subway art.

Here's yet another project I hope to finish this year.  I got this skull at Michael's and my plan is to decoupage it with old book pages.  The crow is from the dollar store.  I have some cool halloween potion labels that I may put on the bottles. This whole display screams Edgar Allen Poe to me.

And lastly, the bats.  I first saw the idea on Dana's blog, MADE.  It was pretty much the only really decorating I did last year.  And I'm so glad I saved them!  Love, love, love them!  I plan on doing something fun with bats for my front porch too!  oh and btw about 10 or so bats had fallen down before I took this picture so it looks less sparse now but still cool!

Hope that answered any questions you guys may have had.  If not let me know!
Here's my question...
What kind of world let's you wake up with a zit that is about the size of your head and makes you look like you have a third, very red, eye?  A cruel, cruel world, that's who!!


  1. No! It's a world that's getting you ready for Halloween...get it? Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. A third eye is supposed to represent wisdom, right? Maybe it's just a sign that you are a very wise woman, Andi :) LOVE the pumpkins (and all the other stuff)!

  3. A triclops!!?? OH NO!!!! Ha ha, sorry friend, zits are the pits.
    LOVE all the deocr and thanks for the shout-outs :)

  4. Love all of it!! You've done such a wonderful job and the bats are adorable. So many fun things!


  5. I recognized the rock/wire spider from Eighteen 25. Yours looks great, Andi! That "boo" banner is awesome... I'm going to be checking that out :) Great decs.

  6. You've been busy, and all over the place! I want to make some bats!

  7. Your Halloween style is fabulous, friend!!! And zits = UGH!!! Not a day has passed in my pregnancy that I haven't had at least 2 ruining my "glow" LOL!! Sucks! I hope it hits the road ASAP!

  8. I think the bats are my favorite, they're so cool!


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