Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New clay necklaces in shop!

Hey guys!!  I'll be back later with a post about a chair and maybe my bathroom but for now I wanted to show you two new items in my etsy shop!

Some yummy clay charm necklaces!

 And don't worry they are calorie free ;)

Strawberry frosted doughnut

I heart chocolate
And I am working on adding more of these beauties...

Later gators!!


  1. Now I'm hungry. That donut is adorable!

  2. these are SO cute, andi! need to learn to make these- you are awesome.

  3. SO adorable Andi! Seriously LOVE them!!!

  4. you are SOOO amazing!!!!! love them!
    josie's peg dolls arrived ON HER BIRTHDAY and she ADORES them - SO MUCH! they have been lined up on the windowsill for two days, AND today she had them in her doll house... how can I ever thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love to you!

  5. That donut is so funny and cute!


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