Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New shelves and a desk

So I wrote yesterday that I would be on the computer here and there, which is still true but I had a moment to post a couple projects I've been working on and wanted to share, plus I need your input!

I've shown this little shelf in my kitchen many times here on JOAC (pronounced Jo-ack :)) it holds some knick knacks and our partially finished family rules.

I found it at goodwill for 5 dollars already painted and with hardware attached.  It served it's purpose but now I am tired of it and don't really like that style anymore.  And I thought that the space wasn't being used to it's full potential.  Enter Ikea and their inexpensive shelves.  I bought 3 untreated shelves for 6.99 each and 6 brackets for 50 cents each!  I painted and primed the shelves white.

Here's what I have done so far...

I love that my cookbooks are out of the cabinet and on display.  Maybe I will use them more :)

Only have to hang the last shelf, I just ran out of anchors and screws.  I didn't like that the screws stood out against the white brackets so I painted them.

Our family rules also got a makeover and a new home.  I changed the apple green background to what else but aqua!

And I think it's perfect above the time out chairs :)

My other project, that is also incomplete, is in need of some inspiration.  I finally made it to the barn show this past Sunday and saw lots that I loved but was out of my $30 budget until I hit the flea section.  All the proceeds went to charity and the items were priced to sell.  I found a small metal desk for 10 dollars!  I have been looking for a smallish desk to put in my bedroom for my husband to use as a nightstand and laptop desk.  Right now he sits on the bed if he wants to use his computer.  He also sells items on ebay so it would be nice to be able to organize all his stuff neatly inside a desk.

I totally spaced and forgot to take a real before picture but here are a couple mid priming.

The desk was this tomato/coral color and the drawer was gray.

Not bad just not the colors I'm going for in my room.  So far I have decided on gloss white but I really want to do something unique and fun.  Maybe paint the drawer a fun color with or without a design or maybe a design on the top????

Should I do my usual aqua or yellow?  Our bedroom isn't decorated at all but I figure this desk could be a jumping off point.  I want our room to be serene.  We have a white duvet that I plan on keeping but the wall and furniture are a blank slate.

I'd really appreciate any ideas you guys have.  I thought of doing something like this...


but I think my husband would veto it in a heartbeat!  It would be a no brainer if the desk was for me!!! :)


  1. i have the red version of those shelves! they were in the playroom, but now maybe they will go in sawyer's room... not sure.
    the updates look great! i hope you do use those cookbooks more, butif not at least they look lovely!

  2. Hey genius, why didn't I ever think to paint stuff on my deck?!?! I always end up with grass and dirt all over my stuff :) Love the new shelves!

  3. I like that last idea- you could just do it in a slightly more toned down color scheme if that would help with the hubs?

  4. Awesome shelves, and I love where the rules ended up (& I have never seen cuter time-out chairs). What if you did that stripey treatment to the desk but with gray stripes??? That's guy-ish but still chic. xo

  5. I love the new look of the shelves...more clean and modern :) And I agree with Ali....a gray striped situation would be super cool :)

  6. I love the family rules update! If you take a picture of your bedroom we might be able to help more with the new desk!

  7. Serene, huh? That last photo is not serene! I would use a very soft periwinkle, but that's me or maybe a very pale watery aqua.

  8. Hi, Andi

    Stop by to see your post again and I just love your family rule art piece. Can't wait to see your desk all finished up. I am a new follower. Love for you to stop by www.homesweetbutterfly.com

    Have a great week.

  9. love the family rules sign and great desk. A yellow desk would be pretty!

  10. I have no suggestions for the desk, but you've inspired me with what to do for the blank wall in my kitchen -- shelves! with cookbooks! It's a win-win because it will put something on the wall AND give me back some cupboard space. Thanks, Andi!

  11. Awesome shelves....Nice share, thanks a lot for the valuable information, keep up the good work. I love where the rules ended up...

  12. Someone's been a busy bee! Thanks so much for sharing all those photos. I want to find out how the computer desks turned out.

  13. This desk looks so nice. You should try making wrought iron furniture too since you did a good job making this.

  14. The steel laptop desk looks great. It would be best if you put drawers. The color is already perfect. It will surely complement well with the color of your laptop, desktops and even the interior designs of your room.

  15. That's a perfect cabinet for my kids. I've learned something new from you. Thanks a lot in sharing this post to us.
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