Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin patch, painted pumpkins, and my sister's art work.

Last weekend I took my sister and the girls to Green Meadows Farm, a seasonal petting zoo and pumpkin patch.  We have gone the last 3 years and the girls love it!  There are pens of different types of farm animals and some you can even go in and pet.  They have cows you can milk, a pig race, hay ride and you get to pick out a pumpkin on your way out.  One of our favorite pens is the chickens.  Last year Natalie held a chicken and since then she could not wait to do it again.  

Lily really enjoyed the chickens too! Well, she loved chasing them.

This guy they called "rockstar" I love his 80s hair band look! Do you think chickens go to rehab?  Okay baaaad joke.

They also had baby cows that you could go in and pet (SO cute), pigs, horses, donkeys, emus, sheep and goats you could feed, and turkeys.  They said you could go in with the turkeys but we said no thank you, didn't want to get pecked.  Besides watching them chase after leaves like it was food was enough entertainment.  One of my favorite animals they had there besides the baby goats was this Brahma bull name Tiny.

 Haha, kidding...I don't know what his name was but he was so huge and way cool!

After some fun pictures...

 we headed out to grab our pumpkins from the pumpkin "patch".

The pumpkins are too small to carve so I decided we could put our initials on them.  I just used a sharpie paint pen.

My sister did one of her doodles on her pumpkin.  Isn't it so awesome?! I love it!
Here's the other side...

 My sister is quite the artist and she really talented!  She has her art degree and one of her classes in college was block printing.  She gave me a few prints from some of her blocks.  This first one is a peacock.  She found an image online and made it into a print.  She used oil based printing ink so if I wanted to paint the white parts I could and the paint wouldn't stick to the black parts.  Hmmm...aqua???

This next one is actually the work of my sister's classmate.

and this last one is another of my sister's that she did of a rose.

mad talent, right?  Unfortunately my extremely talented sis went home yesterday.  It was a great visit and I feel like we grew a lot closer.  Thanks for coming out Amy, I miss you!


  1. that looks like so much fun! and amy is so talented! wow! the peacock is awesome!!!!

  2. Very talented indeed!!! Looks like fun at the pumpkin farm!

  3. Gasp! Your sister's work is gorgeous!!! I'm glad you'll have more time to play now that she went home but I'm sorry you'll miss her :(

  4. I'm glad you had a good visit with your sister :) Her artwork is beautiful. Your trip to the farm/pumpkin patch looks like so much fun!

  5. Awesome pics from the patch :)
    WOW - your sis is seriously talented! Those are amazing!!! xo

  6. Yay for the pumpkin patch and all of those silly animals. That sounds like so much fun! And I agree, your sister has skills. I love that peacock, and yes, definitely AQUA! :) happy Thursday!

  7. Your girls are way way too cute :) I love that pumpkin too, its very unique and artistic! Now I'm intimidated...

  8. rockstar looks like he's been hitting the feed a little hard lately =) bahahaha! love it! I always wanted a pet chicken... but I had a duck for a few weeks before it went to birdie rehab so that was fun!!! =)

    ooh! start with GT's Synergy STRAWBERRY kombucha. Pour it in a fancy glass and let a few bubbles pop before you dig in (sooooo carbonated!!! in a good way!) and let me know what you think! I always make my friends start with that one... and its always a hit. Except my husband tried the yucky ginger one first (its an acquired taste. i love it now!) and hates me for giving it to him! whoops!

  9. Looks like talent runs in the're quite the talent, too! I've been to Green Meadows more times than I can count and always loved bringing the kids there. (Sadly, past those days, but I have many pictures from Green Meadows.) So, when are we getting together again?

  10. That looks like soooo much fun! To be young again....The girls are darling....

    Take care,


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