Friday, October 14, 2011

Wooden peg dolls

 My visit with my sister has been great.  We have been doing a lot of just hanging out and talking.  It's been relaxing and fun.  She leaves on Tuesday :(  I can't believe that the 2 weeks are already almost over.  This weekend we are taking the girls to a local pumpkin farm and Monday we are going down to DC to visit a museum and see some of the sites.

When the girls are in bed my sister and I usually sit and chat while I crochet or work on a project.  Lately I have been trying to finish a lot of my unfinished projects.  One project I started pretty much as soon as I saw it were these peg dolls.  I thought they were so adorable and that the girls would really enjoy them.  Here's my version.

And I was right the girls' LOVE them! :)


  1. Those are absolutely precious! (so are your girls) Enjoy your sister. I am envious...I don't have one. Only two yucky brothers, lol :)

  2. those are sooo cute and fun! great safe toy- love it!

  3. Those turned out darling! I love how you decorated them all individually with different collars and necklaces! Thanks for sending me a link!!


  4. Great idea and super cute.


  5. OHHH MERCY! Are you going to be selling these in your Etsy shop!?!? I LOVE them and think Josie would probably too!
    (I emailed you about getting the necklace! You ROCK!)
    Let me know about the little dolls! I would love some!!!!

  6. They are adorable! Good luck in DC... you aren't driving, are you? :-)

  7. Super Cute Andi! I love their little faces...good job!

  8. DYING!!!! Those little dolls are SO adorable Andi! Seriously!!! I almost can't stand the cuteness :)

  9. Oh my gosh, forget the kids, IIIII love them!
    So stinkin' cute!

  10. SO cute. I want some just for me. Where did you find the cute little cups?

  11. These are so cute, Andi! I love the colors. And the buttons, necklaces, hair accessories :) Too cute!

  12. I finally got them posted.
    Here's the link:
    Thanks again for such a cute idea. I know my niece will LOVE them!
    Hope you're doing well.


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