Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 things

I'm sure you guys have seen the 25 things blog posts around blog land and since I have lost my crafting mojo again I thought what the heck!!

1.  I need a's starting to look like I should be driving a trans am and sportin' some acid washed cutoffs.

2. Speaking of hair...I find a new gray hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. At this rate I will be all gray by Friday.

3.  If being able to figure out a Rubix cube is a measure of intelligence, then I am DUH-umb!

4.  Mexican food rocks.

5. I only like Coke from the fountain, I think it is gross from a bottle or can.

6.  I always get Cherry Coke when I go to the movies but regret it every time because the popcorn and soda combo always upsets my stomach.

7.  I think it's unfair that I am half portuguese and have a hard time tanning.

8. I am only on number 8 and am strugglin' :)

9. I have a secret dream to be on So You Think You Can Dance.

10.  I can't dance.

11. I am more upset about Picnik's demise then I let on.

12. If I ever had another kid and it was a boy, I would name him Jack.

13.  Cool Hand Luke Paul Newman is hot.

14. My parents let me watch Poltergeist when I was 7 and I had nightmares for weeks.

15. Drinking a Pepsi at 9 o'clock seemed like a good idea.

16. I've never had a pedicure.

17. I dream of owning my own organizing business.

18. I miss my parents and sis, mucho.

19. In and Out Burger needs to franchise on the East coast

20. I'm famous for my goat lip impression.

21. I have started working at a local veterinary hospital on Saturdays and I LOVE it!

22. I have an unhealthy obsession with Teen Mom 2 and the Real Housewives of Orange County

23. I can't stop listening to Fleetwood Mac's rumours album, it's been months.

24. ALL of my jeans have a hole in the knee.

25. It took me a really long time to come up with 25 things.

How's that for random? :)


  1. holy smokes i think i hit publish on mine at the same time as you!!!!! this was so fun to read! i watched poltergeist when i was 5 and thought it was hilarious- really i did. explains a lot, huh?
    and for your birthday i am getting you a pedicure.

  2. Um....we are most certainly giong to get a pedicure together when I am there!!! Start picking out your color now sister!! I liked reading all of those. Now I must go write my own :)

  3. Never had a pedicure either...I don't like people touching my feet...yuk. I can holler like a Monkey to beat the band..let's get a group together and record Old MacDonald...hehehe...

  4. I still have nightmares about Poltergeist! Glad to hear you're liking working :)

  5. I have never had a pedicure either. :) Someday...
    I could never come up with 25 random things. Nice job!

  6. I want to see a pic of this goat lip impression you are famous forgot to mention u wanted to see the movie Poltergeist … follow your dreams and make them reality…I love you mucho…dad

  7. Paul Newman is a beautiful man! No matter the movie, no matter the age. Beautiful man!

  8. Ha! I've got to see your goat lip impression! I just posted my 25 things last night.

  9. oh this is TOO funny!! I'm with you about Paul Newman and funnily enough my husband and I are watching Cool Hand Luke tonight - he's never seen it!! I know?!! But even stranger the reason we decided to watch it tonight is because on the way to school this morning my son told me he wanted to eat 50 eggs!!!! You know how I replied ;)

  10. I've still never seen Poltergeist... I plan to keep it that way :)

  11. Loved reading all of these. Pedicures are fun, but I have funky pinky toes so I'm always embarrassed. Manicures are my friends.

  12. love it. i had a pedicure before my wedding, but never went back. i didn't like someone touching my feet. i get sucked into teen mom a lot too. and i'm so glad i'm not the only one going gray.

  13. You are too funny Andi!! And adorable!! And I too cannot believe that you've never had a pedicure before!!! WHAT the!!?!? I LOVE them. I get one once a month if I can (if not more if I have the extra $$ to do it). When Ali heads your way, I'm going to send $5 with her to add an extra 10 minute calf/foot massage to your pedi. YOU-WILL-BE-HOOKED!!! (**and I too have an obsession with teen mom 2 and the OC's like a train-wreck that I cannot tear my eyes away from - LOL!!) xoxo

  14. Wah!!!!..I wrote a LONG comment and it error-ed out :/ I'll re-write it and re-post xo

  15. do we get to see a picture of the goat lip?

  16. You crack me up, Andi! Couldn't agree with you more on #s 4, 13, and 19. And I love me some Stevie Knicks! Gypsy's one of my all-time favorite songs.

    So glad to learn a bit more about you!

  17. It might've been random but it was way fun to read. ;)

    P.S. Did you say Pepsi? I want a pepsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  18. I can't believe you have never had a pedicure. It's a crime!!


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