Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better late then never...

Remember when I used to run?  Remember when I decided to run a 5K for an awesome cause?  Remember that I told you I would post pictures soon? Yeah I had forgotten too.  Then I got a wild hair and thought I would straighten up the black hole garage and whilst (??) cleaning I found some pictures that my mom sent to me...

Me, Cassie, Sarah, Kate, & Kate's hubby

"Cha...I can like totally run this in like 33 mins..."

"Bring it!"
And since this post is about long lost photos...lookey at what I found...

Oh yeah...10th grade baby.
First year without glasses.
But apparently my eyesight was still poor, I mean look at those mama jama eyebrows!!
I was in need of a serious plucking intervention.

You're welcome.


  1. LOVE THE PIC!!! Ok, now I must dig out my old photos!!!
    :) Happy Day Friend!!!

  2. hahaha! I'll tell you if you ever need a pluckervention... you just have to promise to do the same for me! I thought you had a cigarette in your hand in that first pic. I can't imagine that would go over very well at the race for the cure :o) Great pics!

  3. Awesome pics! Love the pre-race "cha" picture. You have such a way with the perfect captions :)

  4. aw you were sooooo cute!
    love your captions... seriously what the heck am i doing in that picture????

  5. So cute! I think we all had eyebrows like that in 10th grade. ;)

  6. AWESOME photos!!! Hey - at least your eyebrows didn't meet in the middle like mine did :) haha!! xoxo

  7. We look so cute! And I think I had the same eyebrows in tenth grade!

  8. Love the pics especially where Cassie has that look like "don't mess with me, I'm in my zone!!" And that 10th grade picture is not bad at all! I don't have a 10th grade photo because my grandma got my hair cut and I looked like a boy. NO LIE!

  9. Oh my lawd have brows look like that right now. They are getting waxed in the morning, thank heavens! When I went to try on wedding dresses the old lady worker person told me I'd be really pretty...all I needed was to pluck my eyebrows... Ha! Thanks, wrinkle-face.

  10. Oh I love the retro photo! You're so cute!

  11. You were such a cutie patootie!!!! :) I was WAY more awkward!! I wish I would run for a good cause. I am too lazy most days to even walk (argh :/). You're an inspiration! xo


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