Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feed Your Soul and make a gallery wall!

Have you guys ever heard of Feed Your Soul?  For those who haven't it is a site that offers free downloadable art.  It was created by Jen Wallace, writer of the blog Indie Fixx.  You can read more about it here.  Each month there is at least one free download if not more.  The best part is that the art is original from artists that Jen has invited to take part in this free art project.  She even has a page that tells you a little bit about the artist and where you can find more of their work.  So you can feed your soul with some free artwork and then go feed a starving artist by buying some of their work!  Nothing better then creative people supporting other creative people!

Okay so FOREVER ago I showed you guys a mood board for my girls' room.  And well not much has happened since then.  I know, I am so lame.  BUT yesterday I finally completed a project that has been half done for months!!  This is where Feed Your Soul comes in...

A gallery wall!!

I promise the pictures are level, it's my camera skilz that are wonky.  I apologize for the glare but I tried everything and when I figured out a way to get rid of the glare the room was too dark...haha!

Okay here are the deets:

I can't take ANY credit for the arrangement.  My awesome friend Jamie, from The Creative Imperative hooked me up!  It took her like 2 seconds and I snapped a picture so I could remember the awesomeness whenever I got around to actually hanging the pictures.

Not all are from Feed Your Soul.  The one on the very top and also the one on the bottom are index cards (backed with paper I downloaded and printed from here) that I bought at a local boutique called Sweet Elizabeth Jane.  They have inspirational quotes on them.
The top says, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." and the bottom says, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are-e.e. cummings"  I just loved them and thought they were perfect for a girls room.

The frames are super inexpensive Ikea frames.  The "glass" is actually plastic.  They are really lightweight and perfect for prints.  Since they are so lightweight they tend to move around a lot and not stay straight.  In order to remedy that I put a little sticky tack on the back of the bottom of the frame to hold it in place.  The frames stay put and I am not constantly straightening them!

Hopefully you can see all the pictures from the two photos.  But if you can't here they are...

 I couldn't individually link each picture so if you click on one of them they will take you to the download page and you just need to scroll until you see the picture you want.

I hope you guys go over to Feed Your Soul and check out all the artwork.
I plan to be back tomorrow with some more pictures of some other minor updates in the girls' room.
See ya then!

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  1. it looks fabulous! i love the dog one and i love "everyone wins at something". i want to make one for myself that says "i win a lot of giveaways", but i will wait to make it til after i win your shabby apple one.
    he he.

  2. Great choices, Andi! I've never heard of Feed Your Soul. Off to check it out :)

  3. Love these especially the owl! This'll come in handy since I've been looking for something to fill some old frames I have laying around! thanks for the tip :)

  4. what a cool site- your gallery wall looks really great, I love the light framing too!

  5. Ooooooh, those look GREAT!!! I love the ones you picked and you placed them perfectly :) xoxo

  6. Love them- the gallery is beautiful and I love how inspiring they are to surround your girls every day!

  7. This looks great Andi! And, what a great idea. And, tell Cassie not to worry...I'm winning your giveaway just to stop her streak!

    1. hahahaha!!!! those are fighting words, renee!

  8. It looks great. And I only moved a couple things around... you put together the layout!!! The light frames really make that gorgeous pink on the wall look even prettier.

  9. Live it, Andi! Thanks for the info on Feed your Soul! I'm heading over there right now!

  10. I love it! The arrangement is awesome, and I totally plan on using it someday, along with some of those awesome Feed Your Soul prints! See, I told you I want to be you ;)

  11. what a great gallery wall and great prints. i can't wait to check out feed your soul.

  12. Lovin' that arrangement. But I'm so not going to copy it. Okay I totally want to copy it. ;)

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