Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apartment hoppin' and blog choppin'

Hello to the 3 people who still read my blog :) How are you guys?  Life is finally starting to calm down.  I am still working full time and living with my sister and my girls.  We recently moved to another apartment in the same complex. Blerg. Our neighbor below us was "noise sensitive" to put it politely and it became clear that silence 24/7 would be the only way to make him happy. Soooo my landlord moved us to a different apartment and our stress level has gone down tremendously! The new apartment is pretty much identical EXCEPT I no longer have a large walk in closet in my living room :( So my craft supplies do not have a home.  I am thinking tons of shelves and cubbies.  Here is where they are hanging out now...

Not exactly ideal but it is what it is...for now.  Since life is calming down I am getting the decorating/crafting/blogging bug.  I am itching to get back into the swing of things!  Here is our apartment in it's current state.  I have a ton of ideas and can't wait to get crackin'!!

Kitchen corner with mismatched chairs 

Happy fridge!

My mom made me this awesome tray for me...thanks mom!!

Sadly my sunburst mirror did not make the move, but that is why hot glue was invented!! :)

 Once the mirror is repaired it will go between these two bookcases. Please ignore ugly antenna.

New hallway rug

Itty bitty bathroom

A client at work gave me this campaign dresser :) 6 drawers of to pick a paint color.  Any ideas?

Decorating while renting definitely has it's challenges but I say bring it on! 

Now that I am getting my mojo back I was thinking a revamp of my blog.  Like a fresh start. What do you guys think? Should I leave it the way it is?  I had some fun the other night with backgrounds.

As much fun as it was, I don't really like any of them! haha!  Would love your thoughts!
We'll talk soon.  Later gators.


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