Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deep thoughts and a top 10 list

I have read several posts where bloggers are sharing their top ten posts/projects of 2010.  I thought that it sounded fun and maybe you guys would see some of my stuff you have never seen before.  Then I looked at my posts...

I have blogged about 21 projects TOTAL since the end of July when I started this blog.

How pitiful.

But still I have some favorites, some that I'm still in awe that I was the one who came up with the idea.  All my life I was told I was 'artistic' but i always felt that I was just good at copying.  I can pretty much draw anything I see.  But I never felt original.  It's amazing how being part of this blogging family (everybody sing! 'We are fam-ily...'), has really helped me blossom creatively.  I stink at writing (the word thesis makes me break out in hives) and therefore always hated it but now I LOVE it!  Who knew?  Even if I still stink at it I'm fine with that because this is me.

Even though there may only be 21 projects, they have meant so much more to me then just a craft project.  They have helped me discover my passions, helped me remember that although I love being a mommy and wife, I still need to remember who I was before I took on those roles and nurture that person also.

What I'm trying to say is...thank you.  Thank you for all your kind, thoughtful, constructive comments and support. Thank you for all your creative projects, ideas, tips, etc... :-) It has and continues to motivate me and inspire me to create.  I am so excited to see where this journey will take me in 2011 and I really hope you will join me!

Okay after all that being said I promised you a top 10 list.  So here goes:

Super easy to make  Use them every day!

I have a weakness for vintage sheets and this is a way I can enjoy them every day!

I think this post was more for my pleasure although some of you commented that it was funny.  I had a little too much fun creating these scenes.  I am a sucker for corny humor....get it corny, cornucopia?  Like I said a sucker.  Oh and I had fun making the figures too, which btw I promised to make more, it's on my mental to do list. 

I love how she turned out but I went through SO many prototypes.  It was definitely a learning experience.

I never thought in a million years this would be such a hit.  I don't even know how I came up with the idea.  It is still my number 1 post of all time....crazy!

This was a lot of fun to make.  It was a big hit in blogland and at the party! I have some other ideas brewing that I hope to make a reality this next year.

Another idea that just popped in my head.  The results were better then I had imagined.  

I have a thing for birds.  I big fat love this pillow.  I keep it out of reach of sticky kid hands and hairy dogs,  99% of the time.  Did I mention I really love this pillow?

This project was surprisingly therapeutic.  I thought that I would find it tedious but in fact it was so satisfying to see all that cutting and piecing come together.  LOVE.

My latest project and most favorite.  It just makes me smile when I look at it.  Who knew squeezing tons of scolding hot glue in between pieces of candy could be sooo much fun? 

Did I pick any of your favorites?  Wish one had been on the top ten that wasn't?  I'd love to here your opinions.  

Thanks for a great 2010!  

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm taking the 21 Days to getting organized challenge...want to join me?

I don't know about you guys but New Year's doesn't just mean bubbly and noise makers to means

a fresh start

Once the Christmas decorations are taken down I am ready to clean, purge, and reorganize my house, my diet, my life.  So when I saw this post over at A Bowl of Lemons I knew I had to join in.  Toni will be posting a challenge every day except Sundays starting Jan. 1st that will get everyone on the road to a more organized life.  She will have a link up everyday so that everyone can show their progress.  Today she has a checklist of what you need to get ready for the challenge.  Oh and did I mention there is a giveaway at the end of the 21 days?

Seriously people what excuse is there not to take this challenge?  So head on over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and pick up a button and join in. You won't be sorry!  We can cheer each other on and then congratulate each other with cyber high fives when we have a cleaner and more organized life!

You can dooo it!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blog makeover...opinions wanted.

Hello!  So I feel so yucky that I can't sleep so I decided to make over my blog.

{What was I thinking?}

And I wanted you to let me know your honest opinions.  I put a poll on the side bar to make it easy for you but if you prefer leaving a comment, that's fine too.  It's almost 1:30 in the AM so I'm not sure how great my artistic eye is at this time.  I'll probably have design remorse in the morning, after lots of coffee of course!  So hit me with your thoughts...good, bad, BUT not ugly because well that's just mean.  Oh and keep in mind I plan on designing some cuter gadget headers and a new blog button.  Hopefully my coffee will be tear free in the morn.  Night all!

*EDIT* I changed the yellow text on the sidebar because I agreed with the comments that it was hard to  read.  Keep the opinions coming!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

Hello ya'll!! (I figure I can say ya'll since I lived in SC for almost 8 years)  Hope this finds everyone well.  I myself have some kind of virus.  Feel like I've been run over by a truck and then it hit reverse!  I have spent most of my time in bed so no crafts but I thought I would give you a quick recap of our Christmas.

The before....

And the aftermath...

Natalie asked Santa twice for the My Size-Tangled (Rapunzel) doll.  Once when she got her picture taken with him and the second time was when he was taking a break to go to the (and I quote) "north pole" and asked if she would walk with him and hold his hand.  She was beyond thrilled.  So Santa knew he had to come through no. matter. what.  Even if he thought she wouldn't play with it much.  Even if he thought it was a tad creepy.  Even if he had to search every store and then eventually look on ebay.  He was determined to get the doll.  And guess what?  He did.  And all day I heard "This was the best Christmas ever!" many times over.  So Santa you da man.  If I do say so myself.

Now let's get back to the part where Santa thought the doll was a tad creepy.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves....

They're herrrrrrrrrre!  (Poltergeist anyone?)  Watched that movie when I was 7, had nightmares for weeks!  I have jumped out of my skin on more then one occasion after I have caught a glimpse of Rapunzel in the corner of my eye.

The rest of the Christmas presents were very normal and not creepy at all :-)  I actually got my Christmas present early this year.

There was an awesome deal on Cyber Monday so I jumped at the chance!  I was waiting until after Christmas to try it out.  I have big plans for January.  Lots of organizing, purging, and cleaning.  I think this will come in very handy!  I have big plans for this blog too.  So many ideas so little time.  I can't wait to get started. 2011 is going to be an awesome year!

After we opened presents the girls had breakfast and the hubby and I snacked on crab dip.  Then we played some Disney Sing It on the Wii and Just Dance Kids.  Both were a blast and I highly recommend Just Dance Kids, even Lily got in on the action.  We ended the day with a beef roast for dinner and then a good friend of mine helped with dessert.

Marie and I are like this.

Hope your Christmas was as memorable and enjoyable as ours!

Much love,

CSN Stores giveaway winner!!!

The winner is comment number 12!!

Congrats Elizabeth!  I will be emailing CSN with your info and they will email you your code to receive $20 off!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Our Christmas was fantastic.  Santa did it again!  Although between Santa and grandparents it looks like we've moved into a toys r us!  After the New Year we will be doing a toy purge. :-)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

The halls are decked {a christmas decor tour} Part 3-kitchen

Oh my goodness!  I am so excited Christmas is right around the corner!!!  Although Natalie may be a tad more excited then me. ;-) She was excited last year but this year is a whole new ball game.  It's okay that I didn't get to finishing my advent this year because everyday she lets us know how many days until Santa's here!  Experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes...there is nothing like it!

So I showed you guys our tree and living room and now I'm going to show you our kitchen.  I really had fun decorating the kitchen this year.  Usually this room is an afterthought, a place to put the decorations that I didn't want in the living room.  This year I really wanted to make an effort and make it festive.  I had tons of inspiration across the blogosphere, so much that I have a list of projects to complete for next year!  But that is an entirely different post!

OK on with the tour.  I will show you my favorite part first.

Here's a close up of one side of the shelf.  I just placed ornaments in and around my already existing decor.  The yarn tree I made using leftover yarn from a yarn wreath I made.  The cone is cardboard and comes from one of those large spools of cotton yarn.  My mom asked me if I wanted them when she was here in September.  I immediately thought Christmas trees!

And an even closer close up.  I got those cute egg cups at goodwill for 50 cents each.

Here's the other side.  Some vintage/antique bottles from a local antique store surrounded by ornaments.

These are the same chip board letters as the BELIEVE sign in the living room.  I actually did these first.  I used scrapbook paper that I modge podged on then I used some gloss enamel paint in a pearl color over the top...sorry can't remember the name and I would go get it but it's in the really, really cold garage. :-) Then I added some clear glitter to the edges.  For whatever reason the picture makes the letters look like they are different colors but they aren't.

Below this shelf is our microwave.   This is where the gingerbread house sits every year.  And this year I added my cloche filled with ornaments and a little jar to hold clothespins for my Christmas card holder.

 Natalie was a big help in decorating the gingerbread house!

Here's my Christmas card holder.  Chair backing nailed with furniture tacks to the top of our powder room door.  I use clothespins to hang up the cards.  I got the idea from Pink and Polka Dot.  This picture was taken at the beginning of the season but now it is overflowing with cards!

Here is my candy wreath.  I used some satin ribbon and hung it in the middle of our kitchen window.

On our little breakfast table I put this little tinsel tree that I bought for half off at Hobby Lobby (LOVE that store!)  I found this garland at the dollar store.  I love the little pom poms, seems very vintage to me.  I decorated the tree with red, white, and green ornaments.

On my counter sits our Christmas cookie jar.  I've had this for at least 5 years.  I love the jingle bell on top.

And here are my Christmas towels...mittens again. Love the colors of these.  

On the back of the stove are two little votive holders with jiggly arms.

And that's pretty much it!  I hope you enjoyed my Christmas decor tour.  You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Well I'm off to make more cookies for Santa!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The halls are decked {a christmas decor tour} Part 2-living room

I can't believe Christmas is less then a week away!!  Are you guys ready?  Not me!! No surprise though, since I put the pro in procrastinate...

So I showed you our tree in part 1 of the Christmas decor tour.  Today I am going to show you the rest of the living room.  So let's get started!

Here is our built in bookshelf.

The top shelf has Ashley our Elf on the Shelf. Natalie chose her name.  Notice that her bell is missing on her hat? One word. Lily.  If you want to make one too you can check out my tutorial here. Next to her is my only snow globe.  I used to have about 6 but my tastes have changed and they went to a new home.  This guy was a gift last year or the year before.  I love the simple wood base and the vintage looking Santa.  So he gets to stay ;-)

The snowman on the same shelf was made by the hubby when he was little.  Isn't he adorable?

The next shelf has my project from Wine and Design.  Cassie over at Primitive and Proper hosts a party once a month at her home where there is wine (duh!) and a craft.  This months theme was Holiday Hoopla, which meant we could work on any holiday craft project.  I took scrapbook paper and modge podged it to letters that spelled BELIEVE.  Then I outlined the letters with glitter.  I have a small piece of wood that I am going to paint and use as a stand for the letters. But for now it leans against Dickens and Chaucer.

On the same shelf is this beautiful candle holder of Joseph and Mary.  It was a gift from my MIL.  I love it!

The third shelf has a Santa candle holder that I painted 5 or so years ago.  Sorry no close up!  Oops.  On the same shelf I threw some of our breakable (okay maybe I didn't throw them) into a mercury glass type  votive holder I bought 1/2 off at Michaels!  I also put some smaller ornaments that I found at Target in their Dollar Spot.  Simple yet gorgeous!

This is our Nativity.  It was in my house growing up.  My mom passed it on to me when I got married.  One of my favorite decorations.  

Isn't this the cutest lamb, ever?

This next decoration was also passed down from my parents.  MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE decoration growing up.  It plays "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and the bears twirl around.  My girls love it too!

And for your viewing pleasure here's a video of it:

Here's my new end table that I realized I never showed you guys.  Yellow!  I heart this end table. Emily over at Misadventures of a Furniture Fairy painted it.  She consigns with Cassie at Primitive and Proper.

I found this little cloche at Goodwill for $2 and stuck it on a little cake stand that I bought at Hobby Lobby (1/2 off!).  I just filled it with some ornaments.  Nice and simple but festive.

Here's another mercury glass votive that I filled with some faux glittered cranberries.

And there is the framed felt holly that I showed you here.

I collected all our Christmas themed books and they sit on the end table so the girls can read them anytime they want.  We read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I have this little school desk that my parents bought me when we lived in England.  As a kid I actually used it as a desk but now it's a little table that sits in one corner of our living room.  It has the subway art I showed you here and the quick Christmas decor that I showed you here.  The angel I found at the party store (of all places!) for $2 and on a tray from Home Goods I just put a variety of ornaments.

Here is a display on top of a display cabinet.  Again more ornaments, another angel, my DIY candlestick hurricane, a picture of Natalie when she was 2, and a fake poinsettia that I wrapped in burlap secured with a bow.

Here's a close up of the candlestick.  I used epsom salt to simulate snow, I can't take credit for the idea nor can I remember which blog i saw it on.  :-(  On top is more sparkly cranberries and a plastic snowflake from the dollar store.

Inside the cabinet I just randomly placed some of our breakable ornaments that I couldn't put on the tree.

Sadly we don't have a I hang our stockings on the stair railings with some red grossgrain ribbon.  Here are the girls stockings.  I hope to make new stockings for next year.  I would love some burlap ones!

Here's hubby and I's stockings.  My mom made mine and as far back as I can remember I had this stocking.

And lastly, above our TV I hung a fresh wreath.  Did you know we have a holly bush out in front of our townhomes?  ME EITHER!!  We've lived in this house for almost 7 years and I never knew about it until a week ago!  But I digress...since we have a fake tree and I love the smell of fresh trees I figured the next best thing is a real wreath.  It's starting to look a little sad.  Do I need to spritz it with some water?  Anyone know if that will help?

Are you still there?  I know it was long but I just love sharing with you guys so I had to show you everything!  I'm actually still working on some last minute decorations that I'm crossing my fingers I get finished before Saturday.  I have one last part to show you, the kitchen!  So stay tuned.  


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