Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comment woes and some new free buttons!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement on yesterday's post!  I am still feeling good and the medicine definitely seems to be helping.  As some of you saw I added Disqus to my blog for commenting.  I loved the idea of replying on my blog or via email or via my Disqus dashboard, the more ways I can reply then the quicker I could and would reply, or so I thought. Well after only a few short hours I am back to blogger comment format.  No one was receiving my replies to their comments and replying to each and every comment is a priority for me.  I hate when a comment goes into my spam folder and I find it a month later!  So to have every single comment not receive a reply just sends me over the edge ;) ha ha! And because of my ol' switcheroo, I am not able to reply directly to your comments on yesterday's post...sorry!

Besides the back and forth with comment formats I have also added 2 new buttons to my free button page.  Here's the one I shared with you previously:


And here are the two new ones:



I have been known to say that I make jokes solely for my benefit and if anyone else laughs then that is and added bonus, hence the "I crack myself up!!!" button.

And the last one is because I like to jump on bandwagon's :D

You can find the codes here below each button.  Just copy the code and then add it to your blog.  For those of you who don't know how to do that here is a quick tutorial.

Step 1. From your Blogger dashboard click on design:

Step 2: Click on Add a Gadget.

Step 3: A new window should pop up, scroll down to HTML/Java script and click on the "+"

Another window should pop up that looks like this:

Step 4: Go to my blog and click on the "Fun Free Buttons" tab.
Copy the code in the box below the button you want to add to you blog.

Step 5: Go back and paste the code into the content box of that window we talked about in step 3.

Step 6: *EDIT* Click save. :)
 Check out your fancy, new, fun button!!!

Any questions or problems, please ask!  Enjoy!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fresh start and shop sale!

I feel like I have let you guys down a bit lately.  Even though my blog is called Jane of all Crafts, I have been doing zero crafting.  That elephant I talked about has been camping out around here more then I would like but I think he is finally headed out the door.  I added a new medication.  I have been resistant to doing this until lately.  As ridiculous as it sounds to type it, it makes me feel like a failure.  I know this depression is not something I can control and I think that is what is so hard for me to wrap my head around.  Can you say control freak? :)  

Tomorrow Natalie starts her first day of Kindergarten...yikes!  I am excited about getting a routine and am very motivated to work on some projects.  I have even started running again.  I went for a run this morning and it felt great!  It feels like a new start.  The fog is lifting and I am feeling like myself again.  

I hope to really start focusing on my Etsy shop.  I've only made 6 sales and about 4 of them were from people I know :) Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for every sale I just would like more. :)
I recently added a new item to my shop.  

They are decorative alphabet blocks.  I think they would look great in a nursery or playroom.  What do you guys think?  I have more waiting in the wings, just need to take pics.

In celebration of Natalie's first day of kindergarten and my new found motivation I am having a sale in my Etsy shop!!  All items ship free!!
Here are some pictures to refresh your memory...

So head over and shop til you drop!  Just enter FRESHSTART at checkout!!  Happy shopping!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

I made the cut!!!

Wooo to the hoo!!!  Thank you Jennifer from Dear Lillie!  She picked my lamp as this week's top 10 on CSI project!!!!!!

And on other news...we were very fortunate to not have lost power or have any issues during Irene. Thanks for all the well wishes.  I know there are literally millions who weren't as fortunate and I am thinking of them today and counting my blessings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Earthquake Batman!!

That's the text I sent to some of my friends this afternoon.  At around 1:50pm there was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia and was felt all the way up into NYC.

I was upstairs blow drying my hair, Natalie was downstairs playing in the living room and Lily was napping.  When it first happened I thought someone really heavy was coming up the stairs but when I popped my head out of the bathroom there was no one there and then for a split second the shaking stopped and then it hit me that we were experiencing an earthquake!  At about the time I realized what was going on the house really started to shake.  A 6 foot ladder that was leaning up against the wall on the landing went crashing down the stairs.  I went running after it to make sure Natalie was okay.  She was but very scared.  By that time it was over.  I checked on Lily, who slept through the whole thing, and she was fine. The whatever amount of seconds that it lasted I was praying it wouldn't be a big one and that it would be over soon and thankfully those prayers were answered.  Some stuff on shelves shifted and the ladder hit my printer's tray and broke a piece off but that was it!!  I am so thankful that is the worst that happened and we were all safe. Getting ahold of my husband was another story.  I didn't get in contact with him until an hour after the earthquake.  The building he works in was evacuated and he said they were outside for almost an hour. But everyone was fine. And for whatever reason I could not dial out on my cell phone or send texts for about 2 hours after.  I am from California.  I know earthquakes.  Earthquake drills were a normal part of my education.  This is the last thing I thought I would go through living in Maryland!  Crazy!  Now to prepare for a possible visit from Hurricane Irene...awesome.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aye yi yi!!-Fiesta Invitations

So Lily turns 2 in just over two weeks.  Last week I realized this bit of information...oops!  I've been so focused on getting Natalie ready (and us!) for kindergarten.  So I had to come up with something quickly otherwise it would be a party of four :)  Well Lily LOVES Dora and Caillou...blurgh.  Not exactly inspiring.  I really didn't want a Caillou party, although his head would make a great pinata ;)  Seriously, have you seen his head?! So that left Dora.  I didn't want to do a commercial birthday entirely so I thought we could have a mexican fiesta with some Dora sprinkled in! Technically Dora is South American but we are overlooking this little detail in favor of sangria and taquitos!!!

I couldn't find any pre-made invites that I liked so I decided to mess around in Picnik and made my own.  I was inspired by this invite I saw on Pinterest:


Here's mine:

Using basic shapes and colors I "made" my pinata and bunting.  I LOVE how it turned out!!

I have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks!  Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for the decorations.




I can't wait for this party!  It's going to be so much fun!  Sombreros, taquitos, pinatas, SANGRIA, pin the tail on the burro?....and lots more!  Have you guys done thrown any parties recently that you were really excited about?  Do you love Mexican food as much as me? :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My happy little sad table

So some big things have been happening in the girls' room!  The crib and toddler bed are outta here and the fabulous full bed frame and mattress are in!!    My house is a complete disaster but whatevs I am having so much fun!!  There is still a lot to do so I am going to keep it real and show you some pics that are not staged, not that I stage my pics but I at least move the crap around so you don't see it! Ha!

Here's the girls' bed.

I swear those pillow pets reproduce when I'm not looking.  And the stuffed animals...the bane of my existence!!!!!!  Anyone have any secrets for taming the stuffed animal monster.  My girls' seem attached to every. single. one.

Does the mattress look off center to you?  Oh that's because it's on the floor.

I thought the frame had a lip on the side rails that the boxspring would sit on.  Once I put it together, 30 mins before the mattress was being delivered,  I realized I was wrong.  So I ordered 2 center support bars on Monday and they arrived today!!!  I plan on tackling that project tomorrow.  So for now they are just surrounded by the bed frame.

Okay so did you notice a little yellow table in the first pic?   I painted it a bright yellow, which I love!!  That's the happy part.

Man I know how to take some crappy pics don't I! ha ha!
So in my head this table seemed big enough but now that it's in the room it seems so dinky and way off balance with the dresser on the other side.  Which by the way I am not sure if the dresser is staying either.  I may go with something a little smaller, except I will loose the storage, which is kinda a big deal.
And once the bed is off the floor it will just look ridiculous!  And that's the sad part. So back to the drawing board.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet 'n low art

Remember way back when and I gave you guys a sneaky peak of something I was working on?  Yeah didn't think so.  Here's a hint.

I had originally intended to put it somewhere in my home but once I started painting it I thought it would be the perfect birthday gift for one of my bff's.  Well her birthday was just on Tuesday so I couldn't blog about it until I gave it to her.  Translation...months of waiting to blog about it.  I really love how it turned out am am super stoked to finally show it to you guys!!

My inspiration was this sweet 'n low ad...

Here's my sketch before I started painting.

I knew all along that I wanted it to be a blue/gray/gold color palette.  Here's the end result...

Totally didn't prep my canvas before painting but I like that you can see the brush strokes and some of the white canvas in spots.  I like the added texture.

Not a complete copy of the original, and I think I like this version more! I love it so much.  It has a retro feel don't you think?  Makes me think of the owl in Clash of the Titans, Bubo.  (I had to look up his name, I am a geek but I have my limits :))  And the birthday girl LOVED it!!  Yay!!!

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