Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My happy little sad table

So some big things have been happening in the girls' room!  The crib and toddler bed are outta here and the fabulous full bed frame and mattress are in!!    My house is a complete disaster but whatevs I am having so much fun!!  There is still a lot to do so I am going to keep it real and show you some pics that are not staged, not that I stage my pics but I at least move the crap around so you don't see it! Ha!

Here's the girls' bed.

I swear those pillow pets reproduce when I'm not looking.  And the stuffed animals...the bane of my existence!!!!!!  Anyone have any secrets for taming the stuffed animal monster.  My girls' seem attached to every. single. one.

Does the mattress look off center to you?  Oh that's because it's on the floor.

I thought the frame had a lip on the side rails that the boxspring would sit on.  Once I put it together, 30 mins before the mattress was being delivered,  I realized I was wrong.  So I ordered 2 center support bars on Monday and they arrived today!!!  I plan on tackling that project tomorrow.  So for now they are just surrounded by the bed frame.

Okay so did you notice a little yellow table in the first pic?   I painted it a bright yellow, which I love!!  That's the happy part.

Man I know how to take some crappy pics don't I! ha ha!
So in my head this table seemed big enough but now that it's in the room it seems so dinky and way off balance with the dresser on the other side.  Which by the way I am not sure if the dresser is staying either.  I may go with something a little smaller, except I will loose the storage, which is kinda a big deal.
And once the bed is off the floor it will just look ridiculous!  And that's the sad part. So back to the drawing board.


  1. Would it look any better if you switched the dresser and the table? Maybe having the dresser closer to the wall and the table in the middle of the room would make it fit better? Otherwise maybe you could set it up in another area so that it could still be part of the room? Love the yellow!

  2. I think I mentioned it before, but if I didn't, I freakin' LOVE that bed frame! And, now I love that little yellow table....but not as a bedside table....more as a plant stand. It's super cute! Your pics look a lot like my "keepin' it real" pic in my latest post. DUDE - stuffed animals are LAME!!!!


  3. Love the yellow on that table! The girls have to be so excited :)

  4. Hm, I like the yellow but the table does seem a little lonely over there. I like the idea of switching the dresser and the table, for some reason that seems like it would work.

    Good luck getting the bed fixed up! It's those kind of projects that seem so small, but make a huge difference!

  5. i love the color on the table! and i think painting the dresser the same color would help balance it for sure... what about pushing the bed over more so the table "fits" the space more? i don't know if i would switch the two pieces because it will be harder to access the dresser drawers if they are on that side of the bed i think. having been in the room before, that is my thought. also, maybe get one of those chandelier lamps from ikea that you can hang on the ceiling above the little table to help draw the eye up and give the table more purpose.

  6. I love the table. I'm sure you can use it somewhere! Next to the new bench?

  7. well wherever the table ends up, its adorable! Great color!


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