Monday, August 29, 2011

Fresh start and shop sale!

I feel like I have let you guys down a bit lately.  Even though my blog is called Jane of all Crafts, I have been doing zero crafting.  That elephant I talked about has been camping out around here more then I would like but I think he is finally headed out the door.  I added a new medication.  I have been resistant to doing this until lately.  As ridiculous as it sounds to type it, it makes me feel like a failure.  I know this depression is not something I can control and I think that is what is so hard for me to wrap my head around.  Can you say control freak? :)  

Tomorrow Natalie starts her first day of Kindergarten...yikes!  I am excited about getting a routine and am very motivated to work on some projects.  I have even started running again.  I went for a run this morning and it felt great!  It feels like a new start.  The fog is lifting and I am feeling like myself again.  

I hope to really start focusing on my Etsy shop.  I've only made 6 sales and about 4 of them were from people I know :) Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for every sale I just would like more. :)
I recently added a new item to my shop.  

They are decorative alphabet blocks.  I think they would look great in a nursery or playroom.  What do you guys think?  I have more waiting in the wings, just need to take pics.

In celebration of Natalie's first day of kindergarten and my new found motivation I am having a sale in my Etsy shop!!  All items ship free!!
Here are some pictures to refresh your memory...

So head over and shop til you drop!  Just enter FRESHSTART at checkout!!  Happy shopping!


  1. Forget about letting anybody down- you aren't!! Those blocks are darling- I love them all! And your 6 sales on ETSY are 6 more than I have ever had. ;) I'm hoping I'll be able to take advantage of the sale. (I just have to check with the budget. :( never my favorite thing) ;) Glad you're feeling better. Hang in there and know you're loved.

  2. Hey there! Blocks are super adorable! Glad you are feeling better. And don't worry, my shop started very slow, too.

    Still dealing with the aftermath of Irene here. Just talked to BG&E and they said power may not be restored until wed or thurs. So, may be heading to a friends to shower...we have no water. Ugh!

  3. Good luck with everything! And I get comments on my bird nest necklace ALL the time. I happily tell people where I got it and give them your shop's address. :)

  4. We have even more in common than I thought! Kudos to you for posting about the big D...why shouldn't it be talked about?! Those blocks are adorable!!

  5. Happy first day at Kindergarten to Natalie! Yay! Noah doesn't start until Sept 7th. Happy to hear that the fog is lifting! Taking control and finding new medicine that helps is definitely a success, not a failure! btw, I am in love with those blokcs Andi! They are adorable! When we find out what Lisa is having, I may beed to place a cutsom bib order with you :) xoxo (yay me, Hayden threw up this morning. you know how I feel about that....especially when Josh is at work. boo hoo!)

  6. new comment format, huh?
    best of luck on weds now with sending natalie! you are going to enjoy your days with just lily but i know how sad it will be to see your first baby get on that bus. i will be thinking of you!

  7. Yay for a fresh start!! You truly are so amazing, so I am glad the elephant is joining a new circus ;) Good luck little Natalie - you'll do great! And yay for free shipping!!! :)

  8. those blocks are so awesome! girl, you are so much more than your craft!!!! don't get me wrong, your crafts are incredible, but why do we value ourselves for what we produce so much? i totally do the same thing to myself. have a great week... i'll be praying for natalie!!!

  9. I love the blocks. If I have a nursery I would so put them on a shelf.

    If you have a minute I would love if you would enter my custom made Pinstripe skirt GIVEAWAY.

  10. It's unfortunate that depression has so many preconceived notions attached to it. Don't let anyone make you feel like less of a person because of it. Good luck with the new medication and your Etsy shop :)


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