Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comment woes and some new free buttons!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement on yesterday's post!  I am still feeling good and the medicine definitely seems to be helping.  As some of you saw I added Disqus to my blog for commenting.  I loved the idea of replying on my blog or via email or via my Disqus dashboard, the more ways I can reply then the quicker I could and would reply, or so I thought. Well after only a few short hours I am back to blogger comment format.  No one was receiving my replies to their comments and replying to each and every comment is a priority for me.  I hate when a comment goes into my spam folder and I find it a month later!  So to have every single comment not receive a reply just sends me over the edge ;) ha ha! And because of my ol' switcheroo, I am not able to reply directly to your comments on yesterday's post...sorry!

Besides the back and forth with comment formats I have also added 2 new buttons to my free button page.  Here's the one I shared with you previously:


And here are the two new ones:



I have been known to say that I make jokes solely for my benefit and if anyone else laughs then that is and added bonus, hence the "I crack myself up!!!" button.

And the last one is because I like to jump on bandwagon's :D

You can find the codes here below each button.  Just copy the code and then add it to your blog.  For those of you who don't know how to do that here is a quick tutorial.

Step 1. From your Blogger dashboard click on design:

Step 2: Click on Add a Gadget.

Step 3: A new window should pop up, scroll down to HTML/Java script and click on the "+"

Another window should pop up that looks like this:

Step 4: Go to my blog and click on the "Fun Free Buttons" tab.
Copy the code in the box below the button you want to add to you blog.

Step 5: Go back and paste the code into the content box of that window we talked about in step 3.

Step 6: *EDIT* Click save. :)
 Check out your fancy, new, fun button!!!

Any questions or problems, please ask!  Enjoy!!


  1. I have a question...Once I've added a button to my sidebar, is there anyway to arrange them? I know some button codes have "center" or "right justified" etc. in the HTML code- which I do not understand. But once they are on my blog, can I arrange them so that at least look nice and neat? thanks in advance, Kim

  2. Great tutorial Andi! I love your buttons. They're so perfect, lol.

    I'm glad to hear about your Disqus follow up. I considered trying disques (and intense debate is another one) but couldn't pull the trigger on it. I'm hopeful that blogger will roll out a "reply to comments" feature soon! (a girl can hope!)

  3. LOVE the new buttons girly :)
    Although, I think it should say "I crack myself (& ali) up!"

  4. I love the "keep calm and comment on", its great :) have a wordpress tutorial? :)

  5. These are great! I'm a new follower and you have a beautiful blog. I'm glad you're feeling better too! Please try not to be hard on yourself ~ chemical imbalances can wreak havoc with your head and life. I've had that happen too!

    Stop by and say hi when you can ~

  6. This is great! And, I have to say that I am constantly laughing at my own jokes. I don't think anyone else thinks I'm as funny as I do. =)

  7. Button design is something that may be considered a small detail and doesn’t often get a lot of attention, but well-designed buttons can make a big difference in the overall look of a site. I just love your "keep calm and comment on", very simple yet nice.

  8. adorable buttons, andi!

    and i had a similar brief flitration with disqus. I really like it from a user perspective, but so many people have problems with it that I'm not a fan from a blog-hostess perspective.


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