Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Earthquake Batman!!

That's the text I sent to some of my friends this afternoon.  At around 1:50pm there was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia and was felt all the way up into NYC.

I was upstairs blow drying my hair, Natalie was downstairs playing in the living room and Lily was napping.  When it first happened I thought someone really heavy was coming up the stairs but when I popped my head out of the bathroom there was no one there and then for a split second the shaking stopped and then it hit me that we were experiencing an earthquake!  At about the time I realized what was going on the house really started to shake.  A 6 foot ladder that was leaning up against the wall on the landing went crashing down the stairs.  I went running after it to make sure Natalie was okay.  She was but very scared.  By that time it was over.  I checked on Lily, who slept through the whole thing, and she was fine. The whatever amount of seconds that it lasted I was praying it wouldn't be a big one and that it would be over soon and thankfully those prayers were answered.  Some stuff on shelves shifted and the ladder hit my printer's tray and broke a piece off but that was it!!  I am so thankful that is the worst that happened and we were all safe. Getting ahold of my husband was another story.  I didn't get in contact with him until an hour after the earthquake.  The building he works in was evacuated and he said they were outside for almost an hour. But everyone was fine. And for whatever reason I could not dial out on my cell phone or send texts for about 2 hours after.  I am from California.  I know earthquakes.  Earthquake drills were a normal part of my education.  This is the last thing I thought I would go through living in Maryland!  Crazy!  Now to prepare for a possible visit from Hurricane Irene...awesome.


  1. Glad to hear you guys are ok! I have never experienced an earthquake so I wouldn't know what to do if it happened.

    I hope you have a great night :)

  2. it was crazy! the mom in me is so happy for you that lily slept through it all and it didn't ruin naptime! :)

  3. Yup, felt it at work here in NY too. Craziness! Glad you are all ok.

  4. I am very glad you are all fine as well.

  5. I felt it too. Crazy, right?! I find it hilarious that Lily slept right through it meanwhile my 300lb husband was asleep and it woke him. hahaha Glad it's over and it was just a little shake.

    Oh yea, Irene is coming. Darn.

  6. I was in the car driving to Wal-mart and I didn't feel a thing!! I feel left out!

  7. Batten down the hatches Batman! What a ride. Hope Irene leaves you alone and everyone stays safe!

  8. SO glad that everything is ok with my girls over there in MD! I know you're a true CA girl, so as you mentioned, you know earthquakes. But still, as a mom, they just feel different. Instead of just being able to panic and run for safety, you have to make sure the kids are ok first. So different than the under-the-desk drills at school! Anyway, glad all is well!

  9. Glad you guys are ok! My sister felt it all the way up in Northern Indiana. Praying Irene goes out to sea and misses your area!

  10. Glad you're OK, Andi. I'm not looking forward to Irene, either... I have 8 gallon jugs of water sitting in my pantry just in case :)

  11. I've never experienced an earthquake (Minnesota is pretty safe from most non-snow-related emergency situations.) Sounds scary!


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