Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Subway Art Winner!!

Congrats Kyra!!  Please email me, andi@janeofallcrafts.com, with your mailing info.
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'd like to thank...

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny for this award!!

Wow!  I am shocked!  This has been an amazing week!!!  I have gained 25+ followers, have gotten tons of sweet comments, and won my very first blog award!

I'm sharing this award with four other awesome blogs and now I get to pass it on!
Here's how it works...

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Here are my 5 choices for the One Lovely Blog Award:

All these are awesome blogs and each offer something a little different.  BE sure to stop by and check out their awesomeness!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Janey Bird Pillow

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I wrote a post a while back about whether or not I should paint our living room as well as other questions about my possible decorating choices.  Well since then we have gotten new flooring, I finally picked out a paint color and put it on the walls, I bought a new tv cabinet, rug, and made some drop cloth curtains.  We are having a yard sale soon and once the stuff is gone we will buy a new couch and chair.
So now I'm just working on accessorizing...
I bought pillow forms at Ikea with plans to make some envelope pillow covers.  I had no clue what I wanted to do until I saw this, she used the tutorial  created by over at Cluck. Cluck. Sew. At first I thought I would make one and just frame it.  That idea sat on the back burner for awhile and then my friend Gwen @ Gwenny Penny made the same pillow and for what ever reason I had a lightbulb moment. 

Meet Janey Bird:

She's a little bird I made that sits on a branch on my new pillow cover:
(after posting this picture I have realized that I forgot to embroider Janey's little wing, oops, have to take care of that!)

And the fabric that I used on the back kind of mirrors the pattern of our new rug!

I really loved the idea of using scraps of fabric to make a tree but with this pillow that's 
16 X 24  I thought a branch would work better.  
And you can't have a branch without a bird! :-)  

I am sooo pleased with the results! 

Linking up to Get your Craft on! at Today's Creative, the idea room as well as these other fab parties!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program

Normally I would be doing a post about things I'm lovin' this week but after hearing about a new link party from one of my favorite new blogs I just had to join in!

Have you heard of Roo at Nice Girl Notes
If you haven't heard of her then maybe her AWESOME stick drawings
Or her blind date story?  
What about Milkshake Tim?  

Well if not then you definitely should! She has made me laugh out loud with every.single.post. NO JOKE! Her writing is so funny and witty.  
She's also very crafty.  Check out her drawer dollhouse (so much cuter then store bought!), or her knock off pottery barn mercury glass pumpkins.

So today Roo is hosting:


Basically you take a picture of what is in your purse, handbag, pocketbook, diaper bag...whatever you call it and link up.  I'm the kind of person that would go to open houses just to see how other people live if it wasn't "frowned upon"...whatev.   This is right up my alley!  And for all of you out there who have spent countless sleepless nights wondering what I carrying around with me in my bag.  Well here you go.  (Now go get some sleep.)  :-)

2.Coach wallet, only own it because a friend gave it to me because she wasn't using it anymore.
3. Phone
4. Ipod touch
5. Notebook to jot down ideas, inspirations etc.
6. Diaper...target brand...so much cheaper but works just as well!
7. My diaper wipe case :-( a ziploc bag.
8. Purell...starting to use this more since flu season is almost her...boo.
9. Contact lens case
10. Pill box
11. Floss
12. Random crayons
13. Tissues
14. Best Buy gift card
15. Car keys
16. Emergency hair ties for girls
17. Pouch for all those club/bonus cards...it's a love hate relationship.
18. Lip gloss I never wear and VS perfume
19. Receipts in yet ANOTHER ziploc bag...really need something cuter.
20. Spray bottle-this is not normally in here I needed it to put Natalie's hair up before gymnastics.
21. Pressed powder...not really sure why this is even in here.
22. House keys and cute change purse
23. Eye glass cloth wipe
24. Sunglassses
25. Boo boo spray
26. Baby spoon
27. Snacks for kids

Wow! I can't believe I have 27 things in my diaper bag.  I hate being up a creek without a paddle so I have a lot of just in case things that are rarely used.  Ridiculous.  Oh well. :-)

Now you have seen mine, where's yours?  

Hop on over and link up and definitely check out the rest of Roo's blog.  

Have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spruce up

**Giving a special shout out to Tatertots and Jello for featuring my project! 
Thanks you so much!**

Have you entered my giveaway to win my Rub on Halloween Subway art yet? Click here if you haven't, you have 2 chances! 

**Reminder** giveaway ends September 27th at 11:59pm EST.

I'm starting to think I should change my blog name to "Jane of all things decorating".  I seem to be drawn to these type of crafts.  Like I mentioned before Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

I found this charger at Wally world for around $4.

It's plastic and okay but I thought I could definitely spruce it up with one of my favorite spray paint colors:

After the paint dried I took one of my pampered chef scrapers (thank you http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/2010/08/shelf-ive-been-waiting-for.html) and distressed it a bit.

I love the way it turned out!! BTW those glittered pumpkins are $1 at walmart!!

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween.  I really love the raven, white pumpkin, Edgar Allen Poe vintage type Halloween decor.  I bought some non glittered pumpkins at Walmart also (see 1st pic).  And then I spray painted them the same color as the charger and ORB (oil rubbed bronze!).
Whatcha think?  

I took my white paint pen and wrote "Eek!" I just typed the word in the font I liked on my computer using Picnik and eyeballed it on the pumpkin.  So cool, right?!  

I haven't decorated much for Halloween in the past other then carved pumpkins because everything I liked was pottery barn expensive or too cutesy.  But since I've started blogging the ideas have just been rolling in, thanks to all you creative gals out there and your inspiration! This may be my new favorite holiday!!

Linkin' up over here:


Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up           party!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great News and a Giveaway!!

Okay before I get to my first giveaway EVER I wanted to share with you something that I am totally giddy about.  Across the street from our subdivision is a shopping center.  In that shopping center was a G-A-U-D-Y furniture place but when the economy took a turn they quickly went out of business.  Go figure. The store was empty for over a year.  I was driving by last week and saw that they were putting in this store:

Um...I seriously did a happy dance people, Paula Abdul clapping, Mary Murphy screaming and all. I may have even heard angels singing. I'm not lazy, okay maybe a little, but it is going to be so awesome to be able to drive 5 mins and shop for fabric or anything craft related for that matter.  The closest fabric store right now is Joanne's and it's about 20 mins away.  So last minute projects will be so much easier to accomplish cuz I'm all about the procrastination.


I told myself when I started this blog that I would write it for me and stay true to myself and that if people read it that would be great but if they didn't I was okay with that.  But then the comments started coming in and people actually hit the follow button and wanted to hear what I had to share and it felt great!  And I have met some wonderful, sweet , and talented women!  So I'm still writing this blog for me and being myself but I'm also writing it for you guys.  I'm just going to come out and say it.  I want to be accepted and I like feeling accepted.  Don't we all?  So thank you for making me feel good!!

And to show my gratitude I am having a giveaway!!!  I was at 21 followers for a couple of weeks and told my self and my friend Gwen @ Gwenny Penny (Hi Gwen!) that I would have a giveaway when I reached 25 followers.  Well I went from 21 to 26 in less then a day!  And since my rub on subway art has been such a hit I thought I would giveaway it away! And yes that includes the frame :-) 


Here's how to enter:

You have 2 chances!

  1. Become a follower and leave a comment on this post letting me know.  If you are already a follower, mucho thanks! And to enter just leave a comment telling me you are already a follower.
  2. Grab my button and leave a comment letting me know you did. If you have already grabbed my button, thank you again.  To enter just leave a comment that you have my button already.                                                                                                     If you don't have a blog to add the button to then you can leave a comment sharing your favorite thing about Halloween or your fondest memory.

Only two entries per person please. (you must leave a separate comment for each entry).

This giveaway is open until Monday, September 27th at 11:59pm (EST).  
I will use random number generator to select the winner and you will be contacted by email so please include your email address in your comment. 
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 28th.
I will ship to anywhere in the world.  

Good luck!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Can you stand to see more?

**Thanks to Jane at Finding Fabulous, Jen at Tatertots and Jello, and June at I will craft... for featuring my project!!**

Nope, not an episode of Clean House.  Sorry to disappoint. But same idea, sorta. 

Can you stand to see more subway art?  

I know it's all over the blogosphere but I LOVE it and just had to try it.  Especially when I found some rub ons (you know how much i love them) for $1 in the dollar section (duh) at Target.  As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

Here's what I came up with:

I cut out a 5" x 7" piece of scrapbook paper and then cut out each word and image and arranged them on the paper.  Once I was happy with the way it looked I took off the backing and rubbed each sticker one at a time. Super easy!

*EDIT* Want one of your own? I'm giving it away!  
Click here to enter, you have 2 chances!

Here's a close up:

My words aren't perfectly straight.  Next time I might use a ruler, if one is close by :-) 
I had some left over rub ons and remembered that I had this little black frame. 

I love it!!! 
I made some more but have to get some frames first...stay tuned!
And I think I may look for a more interesting frame for the subway art or add some embellishments, not sure yet. 

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